13 Jan 2014

Stunted by Grace and Freedom?

Submitted by theshovel
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Sherri and I were discussing today about how amazing our freedom in Christ has been to us. All too often we’re confronted by those who dismiss this freedom on the grounds that there’s got to be something more. Now, it’s not that we can’t relate, for we both understand all about having desires for something more … perhaps something like a deeper relationship with Jesus or a closer walk with God. After all, can we Christians really be satisfied with where we are at the present? Don’t we want to experience more? Don’t we want to grow? Don’t we want to find our purpose? Aren’t we limiting ourselves as children of God when we stop at grace and freedom without moving on?

Why don’t I move on?

No, I’m not oblivious to the suggestion. You see, I’ve been confronted too many times to even remember how often I’ve been criticized or questioned as to why I haven’t moved on … as if I’m somehow stunted in my growth as a Christian because I won’t move past the basic concepts of grace and freedom. Of course, if grace and freedom in Christ were merely concepts, I would agree with the assessment. I’ll go as far as to say that if you feel confident because you have a basic understanding of the concepts of grace and freedom, I pray that they would come crashing down sooner than later. Why? Because both grace and freedom — as concepts — have their source in the natural world.

My friends, in Christ, grace and freedom actually have substance. We don’t stop or camp out around them. Rather, our life is found through them or by them or in them. When we stepped into the grace and freedom of Christ, we stepped inside a whole new dimension! Everything within that dimension can be defined as being grace and freedom. However, we have let the fleshly-minded religious leaders of our time redefine the grace and freedom we now live in. They redefine it because they cannot even see it.

Grace and freedom are to us like sight to the blind, only much, much better! So, can grace and freedom stunt your growth in Christ? I’ll let you answer that according to your own perception of grace and freedom. If you think it can, then you might want to reevaluate everything you think you know about Christ.

Why does putting on the full armor of God seem to be such a chore … or as being ineffective when we need it the most? Listen in as Adam and I discuss what has become to many believers more of a law than as what Paul intended.
The Full Armor of God

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Hey Jim! I've naturally been spending hours each day on the site & my heart gives thanks for all God is doing! Absolutely spectacular, cuts to the deepest part of our being(in a good way)! Keep it up my brother! I think I've read almost everything on the site and it just fills with me lots of joy that The Spirit of God is just working mightily through what we all "seem" to see/call as "nothing"! Praise to the Father for such simplicity which is of true Wisdom found not of the flesh!

Side thing- I wanted to speak with you personally can I somehow get you to email me?

Thanks & keep it up Jim, I feel if we were to have the opportunity to hang out in person it would be awesome! & also to lurkers like me, make a comment!

theshovel's picture

Hello my friend Vad!

I am both encouraged and humbled by the knowledge that you’ve been spending so much time on the website. All the tedious things I have to do to keep the website up and running seems like nothing in the face of what you’ve written in response. :) Thank you so much for jumping in and posting this.

As far as hanging out goes, there are a few of us on the Shovel Shack who are discussing plans of getting together in the spring … maybe in Colorado. If you want to check that out, you’ll need to register to see that particular thread because it’s in the members only section.

I sent you an email. :)


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