4 Jan 2014


Submitted by theshovel
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Hello my friends!

No, I did not get lost on my way back from Uganda, Africa. LOL! Actually, I’ve been so busy editing audios and then moving the website to another upgraded server that I didn’t want to chance sending out a newsletter that might not work very well. Anyhow, I have uploaded all the audios from my recent conference in Uganda, and they can be accessed at the following link:

Shovelaudio Uganda

I’ll be sending something else out shortly, but I did at least want to touch base and inform you of the audio files.


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there is no advice in this world – even if it comes from a Bible verse or a preacher’s sermon – that can produce God’s work within you. Oh, it might make you appear more spiritually productive, but the working of God doesn’t come from the practical side of the grave … but from the living side that has risen past it. When I tell you that Christ is your life, I’m telling you about the one and only present-tense reality that causes you to live as one who is truly alive in this world. source