25 Feb 2013

The Sermon on the Mount

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The Sermon on the Mount is perhaps one of the most misunderstood passages of the Bible. Christians the world over have both fallen in love with these words of Jesus, or they have come to avoid or despise them. How about you? Have its high expectations dragged you down into self-loathing and despair as you attempt to live up to its moral demands?

I suspect that very few Christians in this day and age have ever considered the Sermon on the Mount as Adam and I have been laying it out in our new Shovel Audio series Men of Grace or Men of Law? I think what happens to most grace people is that they either avoid it or else put a grace spin on it. We're not going to do that.

I invite you to join us in our new Shovel Audio series. Four of them are available right now. smiley

Men of Grace or Men of Law?

  1. Men of Grace or Men of Law?
  2. Chili, Tossed Salad, or Something Else?
  3. What About Jesus?
  4. The Sermon on the Mount
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