25 Jun 2013

Galatians revisited

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Hello my friends! I’m sending out a portion of the letter I wrote years ago based upon Paul’s letter to the Galatians It’s part of the Shovelation section. Before sending it, I decided to update it with numerous revisions. For those who don’t like changes, don’t worry, the original is still accessible under the Revisions tab. This is the first half of chapter 1.

My name is Jim Minker, and I bring good news to you who struggle with sin and bondage and with the truth of freedom. Just so you know, I am not backed by any kind of religious establishment, for my message is rejected by most. I am well aware that what I’m about to tell you will sound overly simplistic and out of touch with reality. Despite what may appear, there’s nothing that happens in your life that is not directly affected by the freedom of Christ. It was to deliver us from this present evil world that he gave himself for our sins.

I have viewed the Christian scene for decades, and it disturbs me. It disturbs me because you are so willing to try any means of freedom other than Christ himself. Sure, many will agree that grace is important, but their version of grace is pathetic. You have been so influenced by the religious system and all its methods of freedom the idea that grace is all you need probably sounds ridiculous. What I want to know is, what formula or program have you settled for to help you cope with daily living? Although it may seem to work for a time, I’m telling you that it’s not freedom.

There is only one message that brings freedom, and it has been twisted for centuries. It makes no difference who offers it to you – whether a messenger from God or a respected preacher – anyone who tells you there is freedom in anything other than Christ and his finished work should be viewed as offering death! If a restaurant served me their dinner special that had rotten meat with maggots in it, I wouldn’t be fooled by the propaganda that claimed it was fresh, would you? Why then, do you accept a perversion of freedom as being the real thing?

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Adam and I recorded another audio that’s filled with grace and truth. We would have had another one available this week as well, but after our hour-long session, I discovered that the recording program had not been activated. Oh yeah, that was quite a shock! Anyhow, here’s the next in the Sermon on the Mount sub-series:
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Upcoming trip to Uganda

I’ll keep you posted regarding this trip, as it’s quite exciting for me to have an opportunity to visit some dear believers in Kampala, Uganda. As mentioned last time, I am accepting donations toward expenses. So far, I’ve received $220 earmarked for the trip. Thanks to those who have helped, not only for this trip, but also for the support that has allowed me to get so much done with the website! Here’s a link to where you can make a donation. Jim

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How can you realize the freedom you have in Christ? I say that you will discover it, more times than not, in the midst of the bondage that still seems to hold you down. You see, the power of the gospel is not found merely in the words of its testimony of Jesus’ death and resurrection, it is found in the reality that has been brought about because of who he is and what he has done. That reality is that Christ is in you. He is there, and his life witnesses from within you … despite all the doubts that you think actually come from within you. source