15 Aug 2013

Absolute Truth

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This Spoonful has been taken from something I wrote years ago called The Argument which you can read if you’d like to see how it ties together.

Jesus is absolute truth … not a perception of it. My freedom (and yours) is as absolute as the truth we have come to know. The truth does not fluctuate with our changing thoughts of Him, for He does not change. If you have Christ, you have the truth, for you have been set free. It is this truth that answers the bondage of the argument. If this seems difficult or too deep to comprehend it is only because someone has masterminded a scheme in which the simplicity of Christ appears complex while complex systems appear simple.

Let’s take a look at how the simplicity of the gospel of Christ answers the basis of the argument. For the message of freedom in Christ ruins strategies, and it destroys the rules of play of the argument. You know, in order to carry on a good contentious argument about the MECHANICS of the gospel you have to set aside the REALITY of the gospel. Think not? What does the gospel say about DIVISIONS? It has done away with them! How? Simply because Christ has removed the thing that divides. And what is the first reality that gets trampled at the onset of these arguments? A division is acknowledged. And believers are categorized!

The gospel is screaming out that we have been made ONE, but you and I are demanding that we are on a different level than those of the other persuasion. “What divisions?” you ask. Don’t you realize that when you call someone Calvinist or Arminian or something else you establish your viewpoint as the standard of truth? I remember the attempts to justify the attitude of superiority vs. inferiority, and it took me years to figure out why it never set right with me. SO WHAT if my point of view has more credibility to it than the opposition? If it supports the lie that the body is divided, then all of its rightness has been nullified.

The Shovel-Audio Program

Yes, between our often incompatible schedules, Adam and I have been able to hook up for two weeks in a row to get another audio recorded. This most recent recording is a follow-up to last week’s Regarding Choice, and we had some excellent feedback on that audio. Our new recording is entitled: Growing in Grace. We’d love to hear from you.

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Upcoming trip to Uganda

I’ll be visiting Kampala, Uganda the first week of November to testify of the amazing grace of Jesus Christ to a group of believers I’ve met through Facebook.

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This entire Spoonful is amazing and wonderful!!  A breath of fresh air!!  Especially the very first sentence and proclamation!!

JESUS IS ABSOLUTE TRUTH!  Not a perception of it!”

This would be a most wonderful quote for all kinds of things!  Mugs, posters, t'shirts, greeting cards, banners, decal, bumper stickers, stickers in general, etc. etc.  A quilt!!  :)  Awesome awesome awesome!!  :)

The amazing and wonderful power and truth of the Gospel of Christ!!  Oh my!!  :)

Thank you for posting this!  :)

This is a great Spoonful Jim! :) Thanks!

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