22 Sep 2012

Split-Personality Christianity

Submitted by theshovel
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When I was in Bible College, I bought into the whole delusion of viewing myself as a split personality. Of course, presenting it in this way might cause some to misperceive what I'm referring to, but this is exactly how I learned to view myself when I accepted the premise that I had 2 natures: an old nature and a new nature. Now don't pass this off as some strange new doctrine concocted by my teachers, for I had already come to see myself struggling in a similar way to the cartoons I use to watch where both a devil version and an angel version of myself hovered around each ear vying for my attention in hopes of winning me over.

You see, I had no problem with the basic reality that I was stubborn and rebellious at heart, for I was taught it from very early on in my life by those who raised me and/or instructed me. This perception did not have to be forced upon me, rather I accepted it because it made sense. I not only recognized my rebellious nature, but I also believed I was a good child, for I had been often praised by my parents and teachers as being a "good boy." It felt good to be considered so.

My Christianized instructions were built upon that same imagination. I had it hammered into me that if I heeded the voice of the devil (that is, my old nature), I would continue to grow weaker in my walk with God, and this would cause those bad decisions to come easier and easier, while at the same time it would drown out the godly decisions. On the other hand, if I were to listen to my new nature — which was consistently presented to me as going to church, reading my Bible, going to Bible studies, hanging with the "right" people, etc — then I (that is, my new nature) would grow stronger and would overpower my old nature. Simply stated, my new nature always told me to do good, while my old nature always told me to do bad ... which meant that the one I listened to would win out.

Here's the thing, though. The whole setup is a delusion of the fleshly mind! And this is what kept me locked into a desperate struggle, for it convinced me that somewhere within this convoluted and contradictory version of the person I imagined myself to be that I actually had the ability to control my sinful desires. This imagined version of myself is the very thing that Paul referred to as the flesh. For despite the wide array of variables found within every society (past or present), this is the perception of the world regarding itself. This is the mind of the flesh that every human has struggled with from the very beginning. I'm telling you that it makes no difference how we might justify our Christian versions with Bible verses and doctrines — we cannot work within the framework of the fleshly mind in order to produce something that glorifies the one who brought us freedom from the imaginations of that mind.

The lie will do everything it can to keep itself alive, but thanks be to our living God who shakes our world to make us see that which is unshakeable! It's in the midst of that shaking that you will discover an unshakeable reality within you that continues to desire God ... and this abiding reality is that which will confirm to you that essence of your true life: Christ.

[This Spoonful was taken from a much longer Shoveletter called The Delusion of Man's Imagination]



Blessings and shovels of love to you as well! What a joy it is to know - really KNOW - that we are NOT a split personality, with two spirits fighting in us to determine which one will win. Early on I was told the story of the Indian who “cleared up” the matter by saying that there were two dogs, one white (good) and one black (bad)…and the one which would win is the one you fed the most. Am so thankful for the day when Father revealed HIS truth to me - IN CHRIST, I am one, not two. So much we are taught by “religion” that is, really, “anti”God - He is pictured as either wanting to accomplish His will but cannot (because of the “free will” of man) or He IS able to do so but will not. Much joy in knowing that He IS able, and He SHALL have His way. Always, and in ALL things. All is of Him - and no matter how it seems to us, He is working ALL after the counsel of HIS own will (even the evil). Oops - did go on a bit longer than meant to. Thank you for what you share…the truth is always a blessing to read and hear. Joanne A.
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Joanne, it is a pleasure to hear from you. Oh, and please feel free to write as much as you want!! big smile

You are Awesome Jim and Adam! When we are alive all the doctrines we’ve been taught come to one (Christ). The layers of error (lies) are exposed as only Christ can do. All praise go to Him. Being in the Oneness of Spirit is Fantastic. Glad you are there. I am sharing with a friend and she is overwhelmed how you are confirming the LIFE to her. She just bought an ipad so she can be in touch herself and I am excited about that. Thanks! Vivian
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Vivian, I am thrilled to be a part of your life, especially witnessing the confirmation of the Spirit in you. :)

Love, Jim

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