2 Dec 2012

Religious substitute of grace

Submitted by theshovel
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Too often, we become lured by the religious substitute of grace ... which is not grace at all. You see, I know what it is to desire an understandable explanation of this amazing grace by which we have been saved through faith, but I'm telling you that such understandable versions of grace are all smoke and mirrors. After all, we've been brought out of the bondage of a world that has no idea as to the true nature of the bondage that dictates everything to its inhabitants.

I know we often think of salvation in terms of a destiny change, but such a concept pales in comparison to the reality of deliverance in Christ. Let the world grapple with its concepts and questions regarding grace and final destiny, for we have received something so far removed from those earthly formulations as to be expressed as being as far as east is from west ... which means that despite any attempts to bridge the gap, they never touch.

Regarding the bondage of the world, we've all been there. And rather than letting the experience highlight the vast distinction between the light we've been brought into and the darkness we've been removed from, we too often let those in the darkness help us understand a light they know nothing of! That, my friends, is the formula for confusion. I say to you, let those of the world run to the world for understandable versions of grace, for we have been brought into a life that cannot ever be understood by the world.


How we as Christians picture sin is often related to our imaginations of the face of Jesus. Does your motivation to stop or at least curb your sinning involve the face of an angry Jesus, a morbid Jesus, a humble Jesus, or perhaps an eye-rolling Jesus? What if all we've done with these expressions is to motivate ourselves according to a fleshly version of Jesus rather than who he truly is?

Pictures of Sin (Download Audio - right-click and save as..)

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Yes, yes and YES!!! Religion is and always has been the poorest of poor substitute for grace. It always will be. Thousands of years of the best minds the world can produce have not been able to change that…because those minds are of the world. This peace born of grace and love that surpasses all understanding will never be matched by anything the world has to offer.

Im glad other people get it, a great message and reminder even as we face difficult times here. Your message is truly a ray of light thats so desperately needed and to find someone who understands is refreshing. Its like the light that organized religion offers is really darkness, something like Jesus said about how if the light your eyes receive is darkness the whole being is darkness… something like that.. anyway we need to remember it daily, even minute to minute sometimes. But for sure we do have troubles in this world just as Jesus said we would, so I try not to be shocked as things get tougher and tougher but know that He has overcome the world and we have too, still a little difficult at times though  :) Regards Corrin
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Corrin, it's good to hear back from you. I love how you tied Jesus' words about how if the light being received is darkness. Good connection. :) We do go through great difficulty in this world, but like you said, He has overcome the world. He is the simplicity we need, isn't he? :)


ahhh, simplicity… thats sweet. That is what I strive for but seems like my life just gets more complicated every minute. Thank goodness my eternal life is safe in Christ as I am passing through this world, the words a stranger and alien in the land take on a whole new meaning right. I love your audio broadcast btw and can find great comfort in reading the spoonful :)

Yes and boy do we all who love TRUE grace once experience that kind of “religious” grace, ….you know…be good… get good /be bad ..get bad..yikes who can bear that…. I love your determination to proclaim that wondrous grace…that is so needed in these days…YES… life is already ours..it is not yet to come as taught in the church system of this age and time GRACE is the very gospel that gives us all we need…….WOW…..is that amazing!!!!! so keep on preaching it .. it is the foolishness of preaching men need..we love you guys..love diana

Hello Diana! What a wonderful encouragement you are to both Jim and I! You  know , Jim and I were just discussing some things yesterday afternoon about the future of the audio program, the possibility [or impossibility?]of expansion to radio and some other things. The point we both come to realize though in the midst of our wondering about all that is that the message of His grace is not always welcomed. In fact more times than not it is terribly misunderstood, accused and persecuted.[Or simply just not received] Yet it is the only thing worth speaking in this world to the both of us. What else CAN we speak on/of?


Thanks again for your sharing with us, it is a  true gift to hear it.




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