19 Apr 2012

Hebrews and Apathy

Submitted by theshovel
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What if Hebrews was not written to motivate apathetic Christians so as to get them off their blessed assurance and do something about it? What if instead, it was written to those who had been called into the amazing grace of God, those who had in fact given of themselves because of the power of the new covenant, those who later found themselves paralyzed in the midst of an insanity of religious activity and ritual stirred up by fear and uncertainty? What if it was written to those whose faith was being undermined by the very community that called itself by the name of Christ? In other words, what if Hebrews had been written and consequently viewed as a declaration of certainty in the midst of uncertainty? You see, we've been taught to read Hebrews as if it was meant to add some kind of deeper dimension to our Christian life and faith — and because of this, those declarations of certainty have taken on different meanings. The truth of the matter is that Hebrews was written to challenge and expose the legalistic perversion of the new covenant that pretended to honor Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for sin while at the same time it denied the very reality of everything he was and did.

Shovel Audio

This week's Spoonful was taken from a recent Shovel Audio. If the quote intrigues you, I suggest you give the audios a listen, as Adam and I have been destroying many religious speculations and strongholds. As always, we'd love to hear from you.

    Two new Shovel Audio files have been uploaded since the last Spoonful was sent out.

  1. If We Hold Fast (3) Until the End
  2. If We Hold Fast (4) Christ, the Beginning and the End


You always make me think, at the very least. Maybe you guys can stop by someday on the way to the Grand Canyon, etc. I would love to see you and your family!

Oh my….the eternal HOPE of GRACE as I read everyone of your posts. What I’d like to know is: do you have any WRITTEN articles of these now or are they all on audio files? Thank you so much.
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While I do have numerous articles written on Hebrews, which you can find some of those from this link, I do not as yet have the audios written down in text form. I very well may do that in the future. Of course, if anyone reading this would like to transcribe the audios to text, I would appreciate the help. :)

I am glad to know that the eternal hope of grace is dear to your heart!


Thank you Jim, so are ALL of your NEW teachings ALL ON AUDIO now?
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Not all, but most. And you are most welcome.

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