25 Oct 2011

When the world comes crashing down

Submitted by theshovel
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Hello my friends,

Back in the early '70s, a few Bible teachers and preachers pretty much convinced me that the world as we knew it was about to end after we Christians got whisked away. Some dates were set by the more daring, but those times came and went without incident. It didn't take much more of that before I began to rethink the whole matter. One thing I haven't discounted, however, is that this world keeps moving toward a really big downfall. Maybe it doesn't seem that way from where you and I might live, but for millions of people, the world has already crashed down. We shouldn't be surprised if it all eventually falls down around us ... either a localized concentration or maybe even the whole thing. Who will you turn to then? Then again, who do you turn to now? Don't wait for some future possibility to convince you that Christ is your one and only hope and reality.

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One and only reality. I’ve created multiple fantasies during the course of my life desperately hoping for them to become real only for them to wither away into nothingness. That nothingness always gave way to the Truth, as there was and is no life outside of Him. I fool myself every time I believe I am a part of this dead world you and I are all too familiar with. Being born again means being absolutely severed from the old creation. We are only here on Earth in the realm of sin and death for the blink of an eye, a good eighty years if we’re lucky. We live forever eternally and that means, even now, that black realm has no control over us: guilt and shame has lost its power. Thank God. Jim, have you ever sat and wondered what God is? Not WHO God is but what He is? Pretty mystifying. Your friend Justin
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Justin, this is such an insightful comment. I suspect that many believers shy away from admitting they have constructed similar fantasies because their concept of faith hangs upon them. Our father is faithful in working in us to pull those carefully crafted facades down.

What God is, eh? Yes, that consideration is quite mystifying ... probably because it takes a lot of reasoning to try to imagine it. :)


our Lord says when heaven and earth pases a way my word will never will pass away

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