21 Jul 2011

Waiting for real life to happen?

Submitted by theshovel
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Greetings to my dear family in Christ!

How often have you desired for real life to start happening? Well, despite all appearances and expectations of what that should mean, it's happening. Ah yes, appearances and expectations often blur our eyes to the grandness of that which is happening before our eyes. Listen to the world around with the ears given you by your father, you never know what you might hear. He has not left us alone, for we have been joined together with him through Christ.

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Exciting! Adam

I heard an interesting saying the other day: “Reality often astonishes theory.” And so it does. The reality of the life of Christ in us astonishes the theoretical theology that attempts to mimic it. Thanks for that reminder, my friend. Neil Larkins
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Hello, my dear friend Neil!

I love that. :) Thanks.


It has been a long time. But I’m fine, as is my wife Helen, even though we’ve had a great deal of sickness. Got over that back in May, thanks be to our gracious Lord. I’ve been having a great time reading your missives, as usual, and thankful you are still pumping them out. All blessings on you and yours. Neil

“The reality of the life of Christ in us astonishes the theoretical theology that attempts to mimic it.” really enjoyed that, neil.  :) very thought provoking. so much of life is mere mimic, isn’t it? what else is there without Christ? man is lost without Him Who IS Life. without Him, there is only man pleasing mimicry. whether it be self-man or other-self-men, it is nevertheless a life that is bound by all that is trapped in worldly wisdom. thank God He has miraculously called us OUT of the mimic and given us His Life that is completely OTHER. we are NEW, ETERNAL and DISTINCT to Him Who gave us His Life, very much outside the mimic. we are able to understand the mimic, for we have been in the life of mimic ourselves. in fact, i venture to say that perhaps we understand the mimic even better now viewing from the outside as opposed to from within where we once were bound.  :) thanx for this spilling-over-spoonful, james!  :) “waiting for life to HAPPEN?” perhaps LIFE doesn’t ‘happen’. perhaps LIFE simply LIVES and we are only disappointed because of what we have been deceived into expecting LIFE to look-like and behave-like. i have learned and continue to learn that Reality from the Life that Lives in and out of YOU and me. :)

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