14 May 2011


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In our modern society, many forms of superstition have lost their hold on a vast number of people by having been exposed through education. You see, we're smarter now, and we don't believe in that kind of stuff ... or do we? Somehow, old wives' tales still seem to persist despite higher education. Then again, we have to take into account whether new forms of superstition may have replaced some of the older beliefs. I suggest that if you pay attention, you'll discover just how superstitious our modern world is.

Of course, you must realize that many intellectuals have labeled Christianity as just another form of superstition that needs to be eradicated from modern society. Let's face it, if Jesus Christ was merely the myth or the flim-flam man he is often claimed to be, we all would be nothing but superstitious. However, most of the superstitious tendencies I see among Christians have little to do with Christ crucified and resurrected. Instead, I say that these same tendencies are common, whether in Christians or intellectuals, or any other. The common denominator here is fear. Christians grab hold of their prayer beads and little crosses, pray their repetitious prayers, follow their habitual rituals, or even quote their favorite Bible verses for the same reason that others make sure to read the horoscope every single day. Superstition is a security blanket that's clung to in hopes of keeping the bogeyman away.

My friends, we don't need no stinking security blanket, for we have been set free by the only true free man: Jesus Christ.

Spoonfuls of love to you!

Adam Harte and I recorded another Shovel-Audio program last night: Superstition in the Flesh. I edited it this morning and then uploaded it to the shovel web site. Please take the time to check it out. The audio file can be played directly on the web site, or you can download it to a portable player, as it's in mp3 form. There is also an option to leave a comment. Adam and I would love to hear from you.

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Excellent brother! Adam

Excellent, Jesus only. leo

i especially loved the following from this spoonful: “Superstition is a security blanket that’s clung to in hopes of keeping the bogeyman away. My friends, we don’t need no stinking security blanket, for we have been set free by the only true free man: Jesus Christ.”  :) anytime thru’out a day, i may catch myself thinking some silly little thing that could be considered ‘superstitious’. for instance, my tendency to occasionally and purposely not say something about a particular thing or situation/circumstance or to draw attention to it, because of some little fear that may ‘jinx it’ or ‘curse it’ which would turn it from the perceived ‘good’ thing it is into something ‘bad’ or worse. anyone else relate with that? am i totally off track? LOL anyway … enjoyed this spoonful very much. :)

Mikey, It is great to hear your feedback and your heart. Thank you, Adam

Excellent! No Sher I think you know EXACTLY what we are speaking of. Adam

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