6 Sep 2011

Standing Alone Before God

Submitted by theshovel
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Greetings to you who have been delivered from the realm of darkness and transferred into the kingdom of light through Christ!

This week's Spoonful is a quote I made in the latest Shovel-Audio.

The religion of Christianity has so twisted the amazing gift of God in Christ Jesus that we have come to view the very idea of standing alone before God as a cause for fear rather than as the ultimate ground of confidence. I want to make sure you catch what I'm saying here, so let me phrase this another way. Whenever you are hit with fear at the realization that God is watching you and knows exactly what you've done or what you've thought or what you're doing or conceiving in your mind at this very moment, it is because you have been tricked into imagining God and yourself according to the twisted perception of this world.


I think you will be really blessed by this week's Shovel-Audio, Doing What is Right (Fear and Standards). Give it a listen, and then please consider adding your comments.

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This is indeed a wonderful realization that because of Christ, in that Christ is not being judged by God, we can stand before Him with confidence. No more of the old “God’s gonna get you for that” stuff. Only the assurance of experiencing His pleasure. Would that the whole world, particularly the Christian knew this joy now. Neil
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Thanks for your comment, Neil. :) You are so right, this is joy, indeed!


My dear brother, You have captured in words exactly what it is that ensnares the riteous with respect to this worlds thinking and reason. Thanks for your continual ministering of freedom to the saints in the light!
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Thank you for this encouragement, Adam!


We are perfect in Him. He is never displeased in me. Can’t have it any better. He is responsible for my salvation. Pastor Leo Pike
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Adam, I will see your Yes and add mine to it! :)


Yes Leo. Adam

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