28 May 2011

Marriage and new life

Submitted by theshovel
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Does life in Christ have any real effect on marriage? I mean, in the every day reality of married life what is it that makes the real difference in your relationship? You don't have to tell me, so don't don't go accessing your mental files in order to come up with a good answer. What I'm asking you to consider is this: what do you automatically fall back upon, that is, how do you relate to your spouse? If you often struggle with not performing as well as you'd like in your relationship, I think I might have some good news for you?

Hey look, if you are married, if your are thinking about getting married, if you hope one day to get married, or if you know someone who is married, this Shovel-Audio might be just what you need to hear. I think I covered all the bases with that, didn't I? :)

Listen to this week's ShovelAudio program: Marriage and New Life

Spoonfuls of love to you!
Jim (aka, theShovel)

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