2 Aug 2011

Delivered from the Domain of Darkness

Submitted by theshovel
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For He delivered us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, Colossians 1:13

My dear friends in the light … for that is what you are in Christ.

Does it seem to make any difference in your life for Christ to have delivered you from the domain of darkness? Do you even have any idea as to what this domain of darkness is that you’ve supposedly been delivered from? Somehow, I suspect that many of you simply learned to hold a phrase such as this one as belonging to the shelter of religious life. What I’m saying is that for many of you, true deliverance just doesn’t make any sense outside the walls of your local church setting. Perhaps there’s a reason for this. For the spirit of this world would have you believe that the domain of darkness exists as some kind of subset of humanity — you know, like the really evil stuff — rather than as being the bondage in which the whole world lies. Unfortunately, many religious institutions are caught up in the exact same deception.

The darkness is a blindness that rules the whole world. Those who belong to this realm of darkness do not really know what they are doing. For they stumble because they cannot really see where they are going. This is what once ruled your life. You see, though you still live in this world, you are no longer of it. Its darkness does not belong to you, you do not belong to it. Why do you listen to those who cannot see when they tell you who you are and how you should live? You are in the light, my friends, so look around you. The evidence should be overwhelming. Stop trying so hard to play by the rules of those who cannot see. Live as one who has been delivered from out of the darkness and into the light.

The Shovel-Audio Program

This week’s ShovelAudio is called Our Worth in Christ. I can tell you right now that it’s not some kind of how-to guide for increasing your fleshly self-esteem. It is infinitely better! Stop by and give it a listen. Adam and I would also love to hear from you. :)



I love how you pointed out the diluted version of the distinct reality of the former darkness that the I.C. has gotten a hold of and promoted as something quite harmless.
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Yes, as harmless as a viper, eh? Thanks for responding, Adam. :)


Yes, as harmless as a viper. It can take many, many years to remove the poison.
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Thank God that even in this, the poison does not touch who we really are! But yes, the hidden perceptions of that poison can take years to come to the surface so that we might finally experience the freedom that we have truly been freed into! :)


Jim, Thanks for acknowledging that. I mean it isn’t always clear but, most of us view ourselves as ‘miles back’ in the race to get well[through grace] and yet I have always been convicted of another reality. Namely that God is even causing this and that TO WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD. Through human fears[wisdom] I have often lost site of it though.

It occurred to me tonight: The world is against MY WILL, not in support of it. Christ came to free it by making ME relevant to HIM, all that matters! If only that wasn’t a concept! If only that were reality, it would change everything! ;) Justin
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[quote]Christ came to free it by making ME relevant to HIM, all that matters![/quote]

Justin ... this is so excellent and encouraging to my heart!

Thanks, Jim

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