22 Jun 2011

All things in common

Submitted by theshovel
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Hello my dear friends, to you who are in Christ!

Do you understand the connection we have to one another? It is NOT because we believe similar things, rather it is through faith in CHRIST that we have been joined together by God's own spirit. In this, we truly have all things in common. It is a real union. Our agreement is Christ, not a doctrinal statement. We have been raised out of death and into life through Christ by his death and resurrection so that we are now joined together in him to the Father. This is good news. :)




Yes, there is a new Shovel Audio recording for this week. For our recent endeavor, Adam and I hooked up on Sunday afternoon rather than the usual Friday evening. This happened because our previous recording session got knocked off-line a few times on the Friday evening, and we had to finish up on the following Sunday. We both agreed that the Sunday session may have been a more appropriate and enjoyable time frame. We may be doing it more often on Sunday afternoons, so that's why the Shovel Audio has been delayed.

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yah, and the simplest and yet hardest thing to do is jest let go and enjoy. He said, “Vivien, you are free to live for the sake of living.” But we need to know the outcomes of everything and the why’s of it all. At least I am so inclined. to drop the drama and the suspicions is so difficult. Trust is the last word to become like second nature. there are moments though, tastes of heaven, I guess… that come along and release us from our self consciousness and the only thing that makes me realize i was enjoying my freedom is when i stop and look back at myself and start to analyze instead of enjoy…and then i miss it. Butttt, i tasted it!!!!!!!! vivien.

i enjoyed and relate with you Vivien in what you shared.  :) i, too know what it means to be caught up in the futile mentality of analyzing the details of daily life. it can be such a weight on the heart and mind. what do you mean particularly by ‘dropping the drama’? suspicions - i think we learn there are many things in this life to be suspicious and wary of. we learn this simply by living on planet earth amongst mankind, nature, and the unseen principalities, powers, etc. we can even be suspicious of our own selves, bodies, etc. the trust and peace we discover that we have in Christ alone becomes more evident and with much more clarity to us by the very contrast of those things, and even while in the very midst of them and despite them and everything else we are surrounded by. we know that Christ Himself is the only One we can and do truly trust … the only One trustworthy. we can be encouraged to know that trust is not our 2nd nature but that it is indeed part and parcel with the very nature of God that we have in Christ Jesus now and forever more … our living inheritance in and as the New Creation. it is everything else that tries to convince us of the opposite. we discover this the more we learn about Christ and Who He Is in us, and to us … truly revelation that comes with a sort of process of elimination at times … elimination of false perceptions, mistaken identity, unrealistic expectations, etc.  :) i think that is even what you were talking about, too. ??

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