7 Dec 2008

Free From Guilt Feelings?

Submitted by theshovel
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I was recently asked:

If we are not under condemnation anymore how does this relate to guilt (feelings) we often get, in other words can we live 100% guilt free as believers? And if so how?

Guilt is the assessment of condemnation against the sinner for his deeds, but from which we have been freed through Christ. For our old man, our sinner-hood, has been done away with in Christ's death. As to the feelings associated with guilt, we are the ones who insist on living in them. Now, I am not suggesting that we learn how to dull our senses so that we no longer feel guilty, but that we find our standing in the one who has done away with both the cause of sin, as well as with the sinner. You see, real freedom in Christ has nothing to do with pretending, rather it demands the doing away of the pretense that has plagued us regarding sin and guilt.

Religious Christianity has so twisted how we hear the words of truth that we have been tripped up by the deceptions they warn against. The freedom those words testify to demand a totally new perception, that is, a perception that matches the newness of the resurrected life to which we have been called. For we have received new eyes and ears through the spirit of Christ who is in us. Guilt, along with the attached feelings, makes no sense to the life that is now ours. Yet because we keep listening to the lie that tells us we must yield to the same old perceptions we learned in this world, we often do not hear the totality of the freedom that is being testified to from within our own beings.

Instead, we get caught up in the insanity of the fleshly mind as it attempts to reason its way around guilt feelings without doing away with the cause. While it might seem as if this is what has been preached by many Christian denominations, the truth is that this insanity has been incorporated into the religious Christian framework. Freedom from sin as well as the denial of that freedom sit harmoniously side by side spinning like an airplane propeller: two opposing forces that must remain equally balanced to keep the well-oiled machine flying. The demand of real freedom in Christ sends those caught up in this delicately-balanced, Christian yin-yang kind of belief system into a tail-spin. Thank God for the crash and burn that leaves no room for argument as we stand looking at the dead corpse that is no longer us. For that is where freedom from sin and guilt finds its true meaning.

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Posted: Dec-07-08 at 12:53pm by Doug
Hi Jim,
This problem is for sure a problem with alot of Christians. The old what if comes into play. What if as with Calvinism. I'm really not one of the select or your saved but. Sad to say, I'm not so sure we are reading the true word of God (who is Jesus really) but an interpretation (we need to remember that no matter what version of Scripture we read).

But back to the topic at hand. I am plagued with past memories of stuff I did as a non Christian and a couple of real stupid things I did as a Christian (only a couple, not plagued by all of the stuff)
Which is really strange as thats what is for sure supose to be forgiven (things done before being saved)
In reading your reply to the question from the other person I'm not sure I caught the solution tho.
Maybe when you have time you could expand. Thanks.Doug

Posted: Dec-07-08 at 12:54pm by theshovel
Hello Doug! I haven't heard from you in quite a while, so thanks for writing. :)

Consider the last two lines from that Spoonful:

"Thank God for the crash and burn that leaves no room for argument as we stand looking at the dead corpse that is no longer us. For that is where freedom from sin and guilt finds its true meaning."

I think the solution you seek has to do with trying to repair the old dead corpse that is no longer you. When a patient is dead, there is nothing left to be done other than to dispose of the body. You see, it makes no difference whether your memories of things that plague you took place before or after becoming a Christian, so don't waste your time speculating as to which you think are supposed to be forgiven. You need to realize that the new and improved version of who you think you are is the same old guy who was put to death with Christ. The solution is found in the reality of having been raised to newness of life in Christ. Nothing else matters.

Now I'm sure this will spawn many more questions and maybe a lot more confusion, but that's all part of the reasoning of the religious mind. Don't get stuck in Christianity, find your freedom in Christ. I look forward to hear more from you.

Jim :)

Posted: Dec-08-08 at 9:01am by Guests
Dear Jim,

Thanks for your sharing.

I used to be bothered by guilt feelings before but no longer lately as I believe now that I am dead to sin as Christ had died to sin(ROM 6).The provision for forgivness of sins is always there (1JN1:9). I just go on living life spontaneously without dwelling on sins but rather on Christ.I am hardly conscious of sinning nowadays.I am sure if I do sin the Holy Spirit within me would reveal it to me as He has done so many times in the past years.Hebrew 10:2 etc also say Christ's sacrifice can so perfected us worshippers so that we have no more consciousness of sins or guilt for that matter.
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Quote Gregg Replybullet Posted: Dec-08-08 at 2:04pm by Gregg
Thanks Jim, for this article! The wording is so supernaturally credible in my heart...it is incredible to the fleshly mind, though!! :)

I love this thought that came to mind when I read your article: God in Christ has removed both the sin and the sinnerhood. And this thought: Many Christians try to balance resting in true freedom from sin with striving to become free from sin.

Thank you again!

Posted: Dec-08-08 at 2:05pm by Sylvia
Wow, Jim " you have such a way with words!

And I know - you're just repeating God's truth, not your own. But it's men like you who have helped me understand the truth of Christ's impact on all life.

Isn't this exactly what the Christmas story is all about? "Behold, we bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people!" That's something to be excited about! At least, when you grasp what the "good tidings" are!! Praise God for guilt-free life in Christ.

Posted: Dec-08-08 at 2:12pm by John E
SUPERB! I keep getting glimpses of Christ Himself in this. With what is below, I was able to focus on that "spot" that keeps moving in my field of vision--you know the one we talked about that we can never quite keep in the center. For this moment, I am able to balance the bike and ride. Thank the Lord indeed for the crash and burn and view of the dead corpse that is no longer us!

Posted: Dec-08-08 at 2:28pm by Mike
Yo Minkeronimous,

Man this is plenty good stuff and I sho nuff needed to read it. With everything that's going on with my sister and Michael, I've been doing the woulda, shoulda, coulda crap. I know better but sometimes your head won't quit and your heart gets muffled in the shouts of thinking.

So much turmoil Bro, but it has to be for some great purpose of God. I'm about to be completely out of books with no means to print more. It will be cool to see where God takes me next. The Wind bloweth don't it! Anywho...

Hope things are well with all of you. I'll talk to you soon.

Love to You All,


Posted: Dec-23-08 at 7:55pm by Ken Andrews
Merry Christmas! What a wonderful gift we have been given, the gift of God's Grace.

Posted: Jan-04-09 at 6:31am by Charlie
Amen, Jim.

Its almost funny how guilt works its way back into the teaching of the typical IC. I have even heard a pastor refer to it as "good" guilt and "bad" guilt. I think he was trying to say something similar to what you are about not being numbed out, but the way he lived did not demonstrate that he really believed what he was saying.

Here's to a Happy New Year for us all!


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