3 Mar 2007

The Struggle

Submitted by theshovel
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Do you go through your day hearing a voice that condemns you so that it often drowns out what your Father has spoken to your heart? Do the thoughts that come through seem to validate the fact that your mind is still carnal, fleshly, not of God? You are not alone with that internal conflict, for I know it full well. But the life that has spoken to me in Christ teaches me not to validate the bogus claims of that voice. For to do so is total insanity! I know it seems rational to give that voice of condemnation its due by agreeing with its claims, but it is right there - exactly, precisely there - that the struggle seems to be normal. It also seems honest to agree and confess to what the voice of condemnation demands. Ironically, when I think I understand my sins so as to describe them well is to be caught up in the demand of that condemning voice. When I truly see sin for what it is I see it according to its true futility and deadness; and in seeing its deadness I have seen my true life.
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Posted: Mar-03-07 at 9:49am by Cliff
Thanks Jim. I really appreciate your words.

Posted: Mar-03-07 at 12:33pm by Joanne
Dear Jim,
PTL and blessings always, and I do enjoy this idea of a "spoonful" at a time. Meant to reply to the former (first) one you did, which was the question, If God REALLY in you? Yes, hallelujah, the answer is YES! I even substitute the word "since" for "if". Such is not the thought of most Christians - how can such "sinners" make that claim? However, I am no longer "such a sinner", for in Christ, I am now a saint, set aside unto Him...and so I walk.

Therefore (having so stated the above), the struggle is not what it once was. He tells us that He IS our peace, and so...I remind Him of that when peace seems to be elusive. He is love, and He loves us with an incredible love, and so...I thank Him that I truly am His beloved child. And the list goes on.

Are those who would call that arrogant? Yes, but He reminds me that I am to hear Him, not man. Are there times of challenge? Of course, but such are His means of pushing, dragging, lovingly pulling me deeper into Him.

Thank you for all that you pass along, both in spoonfuls and shovelfuls. I shared a previous writing with a good friend, and her response was, "Shovel. I like that. It means that he digs down deep." And so you do.

Blessings always!!!

Posted: Mar-03-07 at 3:26pm by Dignz
So ... do you happen to have a lohhhhnnnger version of this particular spoonfulQuestion I need like a 'crater-ful'Exclamation Do you happen to have a 'craterful', do ya, do ya, huh? <-- (hey, where is that little bouncy emoticon dude?)

Well, happy 'tweeeekeeeengs' to you, your Royal Geekiness Geek! Wink

Posted: Mar-04-07 at 4:49am by Bryan
Here, here. I have to admit, when I'm still, in front of the Lord, I hear that he is well pleased. Wish I'd learn to stay there longer. The rest of the time I just feel condemned.

Posted: Mar-04-07 at 5:02am by Leo
Brother Jim, I rejoice in this conflict in this tent of mine. If there was no conflict I would be lost or I would be Jesus.............Blessing Leo

Posted: Mar-05-07 at 2:41pm by Bea
Thanks again Jim!!!!:}

Posted: Mar-05-07 at 2:42pm by John
Yes, I am no longer "sin conscious" because I see myself in Jesus.
Thank you..

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