11 Mar 2007

Dignz's Collection of Excerpts

Submitted by theshovel
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This week's Spoonful comes compliments of my wonderful wife (aka, Dignz) who recently revisited some of my past Shoveletters and added comments with numerous excerpts. Her few notes are found between the [brackets].

Excerpts from Put Off by the Put On?

"We only think we can't understand Christ because of a lack of knowledge, and we only assume another can understand because he knows more than we do!"

"... many teachers have attempted to make the miraculous resurrected life of Christ easier to understand ... they have only reinforced the same old bogus distinctions that break spirituality down into degrees, or levels, of achievement ..."

"If the mind of Christ - or the "knowledge" of God - has not been freely and equally given to ALL who are in Christ then we might as well chalk this whole Jesus-thing up as nothing more than the religion it appears to be." [<--especially love this one! ]

[The above quotes are especially wonderful and reassuring to me this morning! Thank you!]

"... if 'New Testament Biblical Principles' were really effective then why are we still searching for that elusive secret to victory?" [ excellent!! ]

"...the former conversation of the old man ... the sense of EMPTINESS, a vacancy of true life itself. ...'vanity of the mind', 'understanding darkened', 'alienated from the life of God', 'ignorance that is in them', 'blindness of their heart'." [ Our identity no more! : ) ]

"No matter what our roots, THIS is the perversion by which we learned of "life" in this world."


"Don't make the mistake of comparing this miraculous hearing to the hearing measured by physical ears, for it is of another kind. It is a hearing by which we "understand" that which our physical senses cannot understand because it is a wisdom that is found outside the realm of all human experience; it is the miraculous wisdom of the one who died and rose to new life."


[Wonderful stuff!! Simply wonderful! The stuff of True Life ... Christ our Life ... : ) Thanx again! : )]



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These comments were all transferred over from the original website

Posted: Mar-11-07 at 12:22pm by Joanne
Good Morning Jim & Sherri ...Just being blessed with your Light. Just a thought to ponder...I can hear from your messages that you believe we cannot sin. I do too!!!

This thought nails it for me...You cannot sin, if you can sin you would have to be under the law. Jesus came to show the New Covenant/the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ and to FREE us from the Law of Sin and Death. of course the verse sin is not imputed where there is no law. For God to judge sin today or anytime in the future He would have to bring out the Law once again. I really think that the verse "He who knew No SIN was made sin so that we could be made the righteousness of God AND KNOW NO Sin. :o)

Romans 3:20 "Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law the knowledge of sin.

Romans 5:13 For until the law sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed when there is no law."

Galatians 5:4 "Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace." Grace was Christ given to all men, to awaken to righteousness and not sin.

Romans 4:15 "Because the law worketh wrath: for where no law is, no transgression."

Thanks Jim and Sherri for words of Grace and Life that resound the Good News from the King and His Kingdom causing me (and all) to KNOW the Lord WHO resides IN OUR Hearts and seen in our eyes. Seeing Him all over my days & nights...Joanne

Posted: Mar-11-07 at 12:26pm by adam
what a blessing this was this morning! Hey can we have these every Sunday so we can be like those church goin peoples???lol

Posted: Mar-11-07 at 12:40pm by Jim-the shovel
Some of you probably already discovered it but there were a couple of bad links in the Spoonful as sent out.

One was in the "Reply" where I connected it to the Shoveletter where the Excerpts were lifted from instead of to this page.

The other was the link "Find it here!" that was supposed to connect to the new changes I've introduced on the shovel site. Instead, it sends you to "Page Not Found". You can find that here: New Changes My apologies. ;)


Posted: Mar-12-07 at 11:56am by Bea
Thanks again!!!! Loved the asides from Sheri......In pondering
"what wisdom we have... and how we recieve it", leads me to my assurance of salvation.... I used to put my faith in WHAT I belived, and not in WHOM I believed..... now I stand on Galations 2:20... Bea

Posted: Mar-13-07 at 10:30am by Angela
Now if the Body of Christ would just believe this...

Posted: Mar-13-07 at 10:31am by Mary
Mr. Jim,

I am so continually encouraged by the all the things that the Spirit of Christ has taught through you! The last two Spoonfuls were life to my spirit.

Posted: Mar-18-07 at 7:54am by Henry
Hi Jim,

It's great to read your thoughts - as always.

I have come to recognize that the voice that condemns me is neither mine nor the voice of my flesh - but rather the voice of the "power of sin" whose voice is that of Satan and his minions. I used to think that I was struggling with my flesh because my flesh had a corrupt nature. I now believe that my flesh does not have a corrupt nature. In fact it has no nature at all. It is I (Spirit) who have a nature. Before I was joined to Christ (saved), my (spirit) nature was corrupt, sinful and dead. My corruption is what corrupted the flesh - just as Adam's sin corrupted his flesh (and the whole universe along with it.) Now that I am holy by virtue of union with Christ, the flesh has become a temple and is completely sanctified for this purpose. Unfortunately, the power of sin still is present on this earth and capable of influencing and inspiring evil in the hearts of men. It's effectiveness in doing so is enhanced by it's/his/Satan's ability to masquerade in various ways including sounding like Henry Lake. This deception is cunning and slick and used to cause me to think that I was condemning myself. Later I thought I was in a war with my flesh and it's corrupt nature. I now believe that my war is not against flesh (my own or any body else's) but against powers and principalities ("power of sin operating in this mortal body of flesh). I currently believe that the flesh is rather mechanical and neutral and capable of responding to the Spirit (quickens the mortal body, life, health, joy) or responding to the power of sin (death, illness, depression etc.). This view has helped me a great deal to realize that I am not slave to a corrupt flesh, but in fact, do have the freedom to abide in Christ and experience our Spirit such that the the power of sin is rendered mute. To know that the voice of condemnation is not mine in anyway has relieved me completely from any sense of conflict with myself. This is wonderful. The power of sin and his voice have been exposed. I now know what's going on and it strips the enemy of his power via delusional lies.

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