11 Mar 2007

Dignz's Collection of Excerpts

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This week's Spoonful comes compliments of my wonderful wife (aka, Dignz) who recently revisited some of my past Shoveletters and added comments with numerous excerpts. Her few notes are found between the [brackets]. These are from "Put Off by the Put On?"

"We only think we can't understand Christ because of a lack of knowledge, and we only assume another can understand because he knows more than we do!"

"... many teachers have attempted to make the miraculous resurrected life of Christ easier to understand ... they have only reinforced the same old bogus distinctions that break spirituality down into degrees, or levels, of achievement ..."

"If the mind of Christ - or the "knowledge" of God - has not been freely and equally given to ALL who are in Christ then we might as well chalk this whole Jesus-thing up as nothing more than the religion it appears to be." [<--especially love this one! ]

[The above quotes are especially wonderful and reassuring to me this morning! Thank you!]

"... if 'New Testament Biblical Principles' were really effective then why are we still searching for that elusive secret to victory?" [ excellent!! ]

"...the former conversation of the old man ... the sense of EMPTINESS, a vacancy of true life itself. ...'vanity of the mind', 'understanding darkened', 'alienated from the life of God', 'ignorance that is in them', 'blindness of their heart'." [ <-- Our identity no more! : ) ]

"No matter what our roots, THIS is the perversion by which we learned of "life" in this world."


"Don't make the mistake of comparing this miraculous hearing to the hearing measured by physical ears, for it is of another kind. It is a hearing by which we "understand" that which our physical senses cannot understand because it is a wisdom that is found outside the realm of all human experience; it is the miraculous wisdom of the one who died and rose to new life."


[Wonderful stuff!! Simply wonderful! The stuff of True Life ... Christ our Life ... : ) Thanx again! : )]



The reality of our miraculous life in Him can not be emphasized enough. For it is the stumbling block to the natural mind. A

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How can you realize the freedom you have in Christ? I say that you will discover it, more times than not, in the midst of the bondage that still seems to hold you down. You see, the power of the gospel is not found merely in the words of its testimony of Jesus’ death and resurrection, it is found in the reality that has been brought about because of who he is and what he has done. That reality is that Christ is in you. He is there, and his life witnesses from within you … despite all the doubts that you think actually come from within you. source