1 Mar 1999

What if God is really in us?

Submitted by theshovel
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Could it be possible?

What kind of a question is this, anyhow? Am I suggesting that it might not be true? Or could it be that I believe it so much that I'm challenging you to consider it in every area of your life?

Any one of these thoughts can stand alone! If you read one statement and consider it and don't read any more, that might be all you need. For what is being suggested is potent … if, in fact, He is inside of you! And if He IS inside you, you didn't get Him in there because of anything you have done, but by virtue of His miraculous working through Christ. 

* ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ *

If God was really in us:

  • He might be our righteousness
  • He might live out His life in us
  • He might do what is pleasing in His sight in us
  • He might do His will in us
  • He might be the fulfillment of all that He requires in us
  • He might fulfill the righteous requirements of the Law in us

* ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ *

If God was really in us:

  • We might stop trying to get the Holy Spirit
  • We might stop praying for God to come in
  • We might stop trying to get more of God
  • We might stop trying to get closer to God

* ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ *

If God was really in us:

  • It might be said that we are like Christ
  • It might be said that we are in union with God
  • It might be said that we are IN God
  • It might be said that we are in fellowship with God
  • It might be said that we are alive in God
  • It might be said that we are complete
  • It might be said that we share the inheritance with His Son Jesus
  • It might be said that we are brothers of Jesus
  • It might be said that we are as Jesus is in the world
  • It might be said that we do what is pleasing in His sight
  • It might be said that we do His will
  • It might be said that we do good
  • It might be said that we don't sin anymore

* ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ *

If God was really in us:

  • We might be called holy
  • We might be called sanctified
  • We might be called saints
  • We might be call justified
  • We might be called righteous
  • We might be called sons of God
  • We might be called the body of Christ

* ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ *

If God was really in us:

  • We might really have the power within us to love as God does
  • We might really have the power within us to live as God does

* ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ *

If God was really in us:

  • We might discover how much like Jesus we are
  • We might discover that “false doctrine” is anything that teaches us to assume He is is not in us.
  • We might discover that most of our confusion is the result of holding on to thoughts that deny His really being in us.
  • We might discover that our attempts at “humility” are built upon a rejection of Him being in us.
  • We might discover that our attempts to “dedicate” or “rededicate” ourselves to God are an outright rejection of Him having dedicated us to Himself once for all time.

* ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ *

If God was really in us:

  • We might also discover that our failed attempts to “serve the Lord” are an obvious conclusion to living as if He is not really in us.
  • We might also discover the reason the “Christian Life” seems “difficult” is that we are trying to live as if God is not really in us.
  • We might also discover that we also are the exact description of “Emmanuel” (God with us) just like our big brother.
  • We might also discover that we actually do love one another.
  • We might also discover that we don't need anyone to teach God into us, but that the true teacher teaches us that we already have the life of God IN us.
  • We might also discover what Christianity really is

* ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ * ~:~ *

But then again, the idea sounds a little absurd, doesn't it?

But if God is really in you, then maybe all these things are true! What are you hearing with those other ears? :)

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These comments were all transferred over from the original website

Posted: Feb-28-07 at 6:09pm by Neil
Thanks, Brother for this wonderful encapsulization. You know, I wish everyone could see it.

Posted: Feb-28-07 at 6:09pm by Dan
Thanks Jim love the spoonful it sure does the heart and mind good.

Love in Christ

Posted: Feb-28-07 at 6:10pm by Nan
I like it!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Feb-28-07 at 6:11pm by Joanne

Bravo!!! This is powerful...LOVE your newsletter and have been sending it to others, to hear the Good News of The Gospel and His Reconciliation of all things unto victory and unto Christ!! [[[hugs]]] Joanne

Posted: Feb-28-07 at 6:12pm by Rocky
Hey! good stuff. I would like to post some of these gems on my myspace page.

Posted: Feb-28-07 at 6:13pm by Dan
Greetings Jim,
Love your letter, The recent one "God in Us" really hit me in this season of Lent within our Lutheran tradition. Keep pushing edges....er....shovelling the heaps elsewhere on the pile. Peace of Jesus, Dan

Posted: Feb-28-07 at 6:17pm by John
I have been enjoying the new look on your website. I don't have time to participate in Shovel Shack but I do go to your website almost daily to check for new articles and writings, etc--esp the question and answer. (I have read everything on your website but I also still like to go back and review the old writings.)

One writing that I have enjoyed in particular recently was "The Will of God and Doing What God Wants." You were patient and comprehensive in your approach with this brother. That brought out the best in your writings. Things like this continue to grow my understanding of our reality in Christ. I keep my own log called "miraculous realities" and have added several excerpts from this particular writing of yours. You are really doing the work of an evangelist and I know you hear it all the time but thanks for all of it. You have influenced my growth more than you can know in this life.

In teaching at the church where I go, I am able to use what you (the Lord) have taught me as well as understand what I really used to struggle with. The Bible makes it clear that the flesh is dead. This is something that I used to ignore. I thought of the flesh as very much alive and powerful and always in control of my doings." Now I can see that when we say the flesh is dead, we mean that it is just that--a delusion--a dead end--all that is opposed to true reality. It is only something to distract us from the Life that is in us. As i learn and grow in the Lord, I find that I am fooled less often now by the deception of the flesh. I find that I am enjoying the reality of Christ so much more often now. There is therefore no condemnation--just the constant steady peaceful influence of the Life within me.

I really get excited about this. I have shared this with a number of people and a few of them truly understand it and are growing in it now. I was humbled recently when a brother came to my office and truly tried to express his gratitude for helping him see this (as I am trying to do here with you). We both just ended up in tears and hugs and praises for the Lord. We all know that the glory goes to Him but we also know how thankful we can be for those who lead us to the truth in Jesus. This is what you have done for me. Thank you!

The Lord really is in us which makes everything true that you have said "might" be or might not be below. I would add one more thing that I continue to learn. If God really is in us, then we might not have to try to make anyone else see it or understand it even for themselves. The Lord will take care of that in His own time. And when He does, the wonder of that is just that much more amazing! That is what has freed me more than anything these past few years! Shovelsfull of love to you, too, my brother!

Just One Life in Jesus!


Posted: Feb-28-07 at 6:18pm by Steve
Wow Jim,

This is really a great article. This is Steve from the "tableserver" blog.

My friend Bruce at YBMT just posted a link a few days ago to your first article "What if it is really finished?" This is such a good follow up. Thanks for sending it to us.

If God is really in us then we might actually see the entire earth full of His glory as we realize that the glory given the Son has been passed on by Him to His many brothers, who now have the Life, the same many who died in Adam.....and we might never be tempted again to think any less of ourselves. We might never ever again think that we must DO anything to BE who already are. That is the kind of good news that could change this world.

If we only become aware, as a race, of who we are there might be nothing that could stand in our way of being who He made us to be. My ears are wide open and I can see yours are too. Speak to us clearly Father.


Posted: Feb-28-07 at 6:19pm by Sylvia

Yes, yes, yes!!! Keep it up Jim!!! I am a NEW CREATURE because HE is in ME!! We have yet to understand what this should really mean to us who call ourselves Christians!! And if God is in me ... Wow! What should that look like (with me out of the way)!!?? Our picture of God is almost always much too small, so we have a miniscule picture of what God in me should look like.

Love you, Brother Jim. Always enjoy each (admonition, entry, encouragement, insight, caution, mind boggler, precious word) from you!!!


Posted: Feb-28-07 at 6:20pm by Adam
as one person has said, "totally cool dude!"

Posted: Feb-28-07 at 6:21pm by Dave
Hi Jim Just recieved your "If God Is Really In us" note. The most awesome questions.

Jim, when you say that He lives His life in us, what do you mean by the word ‘life’? I have been trying to understand this for some time now. Is it possible for to elaborate more on this, please? Thank you.
theshovel's picture

When Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life", the disciples did not know what he was talking about. Don't worry about, he tells them, for my spirit will make it known to you later. And he did. Listen to how John later described the understanding given him by the spirit of Christ:

What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have looked at and touched with our hands, concerning the Word of Life" and the life was manifested, and we have seen and testify and proclaim to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and was manifested to us" what we have seen and heard we proclaim to you also, so that you too may have fellowship with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ. 1 John 1:1-3

Listen to Paul's description of the same life:

"I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me. Galatians 2:20

Christ is the very life of God, and this is what I refer to when I say that his life is in us. Yes, the testimony of that life rings true in you. :)


okay … so, if i am understanding this correctly … the New Creation is the Life of God in man … that Life simply Lives, true to its Nature. so that which was the nature of man withOUT God is swallowed up by the Nature of GOD living and being in man? meaning there is no longer the nature that was once without God in the man?
theshovel's picture

You are understanding this correctly!

…sweet bye and bye..or ongoing here in the now?!! Wink!
theshovel's picture

I see that wink, and I raise you one! :)


you mean ‘sweet bye-bye’?  :) plus, the New Creation is most definitely ongoing here in the now AND ever onward inside the immeasurable and always eternal now. :)

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