1 Jun 2005

Devotion Fading in View of Christ?

Submitted by theshovel
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This Shoveletter was taken from a longer response to a Q&A

What exactly is this devotion or dedication you speak of that has been fading from your life? And what does it mean to "spend time" with him? Now, if you believe that your relationship to Christ is based upon your scheduled meetings in the morning, then to let that schedule go is to let your relationship go. But is this true ... or is this merely your learned perception of what is true?

Now, you don't specifically say it here, but I have to wonder if you are slowly realizing that your former dedication was all about your efforts to keep it going.

You say:

Why do I see less "good" in me now that I'm learning to live under grace then I did before

But I have to ask what you base your judgments upon? Was the sense of keep your relationship going by scheduling time with God the good you now use to compare against the lack you now sense? Was your scheduled time really all what you now remember it to be? Or it is possible that much of your quality time with God was forced and empty ... or even boring? Perhaps you have a few fond memories from the bulk of mostly uneventful times that stand out as being representative of the whole. Hey, I was there, too. I remember.

It's like the lottery. If you don't play you can't win. Dedication is the key, for the more you play the more chances you will win something. If you're not consistent it's possible - and feels more probable - your numbers might win the day you don't play them. The very idea of no longer playing leaves one with a sense of loss, even though the total cost far surpasses any winnings. The feelings are similar, even though there is no real basis for them. But it's hard to shake the sense of losing something because of no longer doing the right thing.

Do you assume that God's working in you revolves around this concept of a relationship built upon scheduled time with Christ? Do you assume that if he doesn't at least give you the desire to keep it going that your "grace" relationship proves to be inferior? Is it possible that your concept of morning time with God might actually get in the way of you seeing that your relationship with him is not bound by time? And if so, could it be possible that the sooner you let it go the better?

Now I personally love morning time, and I often find it a wonderful time of day to reflect on life in Christ. But I am not bound by it. The irony behind my having let it go is that I have had far more times of awareness of Christ as being my life by NOT trying to make it happen. I have seen it when running to the beach to take photos of the sunrise, or watching movies, or examining the legal system of the world around me ... even though I did not stop to pray or read the Bible first. I still love reading the Bible - at times, that is - and have often found encouragement in the reading. From time to time I have caught myself wondering when the last time I prayed might have been, often only to realize that I had been speaking to him already. The only thing that really kills my taking everything to God is when I think I have to schedule it in order to make it happen. You know, scheduling things is probably not the source of the problem, rather it is more than likely our belief in the power of scheduling, as if scheduled life is true life. I think he is found both in the schedule and out of it.



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Posted: Feb-01-06 by Therese

I like what you said when you said: "I think He is found both in the schedule and out of it.

That is truly so good. I like to let God lead me...and He finds the time for my prayer, He gives me people, suddenly, and I am in His throne room, and prayering. I have never had a certain time, but mornings always start with His armor. I love putting on God's armor. My days are stronger, and He brings me a heart for others, when I start with Him...but, it can happen at four in the morning, when He awakens me, and I am praying for someone. I believe He wanted me awake at the exact moment. God bless you Jim. I am new here, and so far, I am glad I found this "shovel place". The name is so perfect. ...somedays, I could use a shovel for the sadness, and then, replace the shovel with a wheelbarrel, for all the love I got, when I didn't know I was going to get it. Well, just wanted to say hello, and tell you I am graced to have found this site. God loves us all, and I love to tell others of His love, planting, and yes, ya need a shovel to plant..sometimes a big one, sometimes a small one! LOL is : loving out Loud. Not laughing,,but laughter is good too. Thank you for your work, that I can see is from Our Lord, to our eyes, and ears. Let us open both, to find His word to grow us, and bring us closer to His throne! God bless you Jim and your bride. I played some of your songs last night..it was such a time of worship, and gladness in my soul. Love and Mercy , Therese

Posted: Sep-21-08 by guest

Thanks Jimbo!!! I most assurdly was encouraged by this shovelation. For a little while I had gotten ritualistic with my relationship with God. Always doing a bible study, always doing a group study of some sort, and even driving my self nuts with trying to understand God by hours of meditation. Talk about mental suicide.

I find now that his life is not something that can be contained by dictating to him how he will fellowship with us. It is with his free-flowing, unpredictableness that life seems to flow..... I feel peace in knowing that he can fellowship with me anywhere , and at anytime.

You know, scheduling things is probably not the source of the problem, rather it is more than likely our belief in the power of scheduling, as if scheduled life is true life. I think he is found both in the schedule and out of it.-Jim

I have always leaned the same way,[but wasn't certain] its fun to hear someone else testify to it.


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