7 Dec 2003

He Who Regards Himself as a Sinner

Submitted by theshovel
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There is a perspective that demands that to think otherwise is ludicrous. This is the viewpoint that is based upon the examination and judgment of sin, and it is called law. The law convinces us that even though we are supposedly saved from sin through Christ we are still sinners who are subject to the law of sin. It’s only reasonable, isn’t it? After all, why would we ever think that just because we believe in Christ we would not still have to deal with sin? Unless, of course, we really did share in Christ’s death and also have been raised to new life in him.

I know and am convinced in the Lord Jesus that nothing is unclean in itself; but to him who thinks anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean. Romans 14:14

This always used to stump me because I would always do the “Yeah, but…” You know, as in KNOWING that Paul obviously wasn’t referring to those things that ARE unclean in themselves! Haha! So, how could it be that Paul could have ever been “CONVINCED in the Lord Jesus that NOTHING is unclean in itself”? What about all the evil stuff in the world? And yet the only exception he made had to do with the PERCEPTION of the one who regards something as unclean: “…to HIM it is unclean.”

He who regards himself as a sinner, to HIMSELF he IS a sinner.

But if, while seeking to be justified in Christ, we ourselves have also been found sinners, is Christ then a minister of sin? May it never be! For if I rebuild what I have once destroyed, I prove myself to be a transgressor. For through the Law I died to the Law, so that I might live to God. Galatians 2:17-19

This rather potent statement of Paul’s to the saints in Galatia describes through different wording what he also addressed in Romans 6-8, especially chapter 7. “Seeking to be justified in Christ” was one of Paul’s summations of the “other gospel, which is really not another” to which the Galatian believers were giving ear. “Seeking to be justified in Christ” is nothing other than a Christianized version of living by law, and this is what happens when we give heed to another gospel.

Simply stated, if the life to which Christ has called us is in fact based upon a seeking of acceptance in Christ so that our continued following Him - whatever one believes this to be - only proves how unacceptable we are, then Christ would be nothing but a dealer or an enforcer of sin. But then, that is totally absurd since Christ is the one who did away with sin. If I rebuild another gospel that re-establishes a relationship with God through some form of legality, then I am the one proving myself to be a law-breaker, or sinner.

Notice how Paul continued his point:

For through the Law I died to the Law, so that I might live to God.

Exact same thing he told the Roman believers, for through death we were made alive to God. Now, why would I try to re-establish the thing that can only bring knowledge of sin when that thing is what killed me so that I could be delivered from it?


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Posted: Dec-07-03 by Sherrie D

Hi Jim'

I sense there is treasure there hidden in your words. Trying to grasp what you are saying. It as if for a moment I realized that indeed I truly am dead to sin. Wow! Oh that He might wake me up and give me eyes (as well all of us) to see into this dimension of eternal reality. Keep talking and sharing, I want to hear more, especially when you expound on us being raised up.

Thanks, Sherrie D

Posted: Dec-07-03 by Bob

Bravo!! Maybe one of your best descriptions yet concerning "dying with Christ". Man, It gives me the goosebumps!! regards, Bob

Posted: Dec-08-03 by John Elrod

This is juuuuust Fabulous Jim! What deep deep "devotional" thoughts to carry through the week! Jim, when I first started reading your website, I was hampered by the idea that I had a real handle on "grace" but when I read things like this something registered with me that I had never really considered before: as you have so simply stated--the New Life is a Miracle. But satan is so crafty with his illusion (the hocus pocus of this age) that we accept it without even thinking--ie, that something has been or must be done (or must not be done) by us. This illusion is so effective because it is rooted in the proud thinking of "self"--namely--this idea of a separated self--separate from the Lord Jesus, that is!

I think much of our confusion comes from trying to measure, describe, understand etc the eternal (which is Jesus) via the temporal (which is this "separate self" that died with Him). As you have so aptly pointed out--the New Life is nothing-- that is absolutely and positively NOTHING short of miraculous in ALL facets! This truth that you have uncovered in Romans 6 provides the only comprehensive and undeniable rationale for 1 John 3.8-9! The only reason that we cannot commit sin is because we have died to it! Boy, if only the seminaries could get this--they'd unravel all of those complicated "doctrines" they have developed over the years. Then again, maybe there would be no need for seminaries!!!

With Just One Life to Live, john

Posted: Dec-14-03 by Richard

I think much of our confusion comes from trying to measure, describe, understand etc the eternal (which is Jesus) via the temporal (which is this "separate self" that died with Him).

Hi John, I would like to hear more on what you mean by ' separate self'.


Posted: Mar-06-07 by Dignz

The Law brings knowledge of sin ... we are dead to it ... have been removed and free-ed from it ... it is not part and parcel with our New and Living Identity, as it belongs with the death of the old identity that has died and been done away with!

Wow! This is good news, isn't it!? <-- need that little bouncy guy here!

I was also thinking of the Morality Merchants ... they could also be called Sin Merchants, couldn't they? It all goes hand in hand, right? For in the merchandise of moral laws and codes is that which gives life to sin. But none of it has anything anymore to do with those Alive to GOD in Christ Jesus! A miracle indeed!

Thank you so much for the stimulation toward Real Life ... that Life which is Truth ... that Life Who Is Alive and Well in those who are the New Creation! : )

Omg I love it and it makes me just luv people more freeedoom in Christ is death in the law those religious nut done slaughtered this sheep and I was raised a new creature a FREE one. No longer a christian now ima ChristIn

The whole reality of Christ is perceived as unwarranted by the deathly mind, because it declares itself as being the ground of validation for all things in view of a mind that lives in the knowledge of condemnation.

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