16 Feb 2002

Daddy Long-Legs

Submitted by theshovel
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Many, many years ago I watched a Fred Astaire movie called "Daddy Long-Legs". I don't remember much of it, but I do recall the scene where an 18 year old orphan girl sees a shadow of the wealthy man who had just committed to provide her a college education. The shadow cast upon the wall from the headlights behind him made his legs appear incredibly long, and from that moment she began calling him Daddy Long-Legs. I know there was more to the story - it was a dancing movie and I was a kid, okay? - but I do remember that while in college she unknowingly met her benefactor only later to discover she had fallen in love with none other than Daddy Long-Legs. He proposed and they were married. The End.

So much for childhood memories, huh? But I've got an idea for a remake of this movie. No, no, no, listen, this would be very easy to do because it wouldn't require any changes except for the very end. Interested? Anyhow, when the girl discovers that the man she loves is Daddy Long-Legs she falls at his feet and begins hugging his shadow! No, that's not all, it gets much, much better than this! You see, the girl becomes fixated upon discovering every possible pattern his shadowy form takes, all the while professing her undying love for the man. And she dedicates her life to recording every nuance and variance with detailed notations. What a love! What a passionate drive!

But the final scene is guaranteed to become as legendary as the one between Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara in "Gone With The Wind". Picture this: The man is standing close - you know it because his shadow is cast upon the wall in that original long-legged form. The romance is killing me, this is really getting good!!! The woman gazes intently upon the wall with all the love and passion she can muster, and she boldly professes: "I will never stop loving you with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my mind ... for my beloved Daddy Long-Legs, my only desire is to know you better!!"

What? You don't think this will hit the charts and even win an Oscar award? You think my twist won't do justice to the original story-line? You don't think it's incredibly romantic and doesn't pull your heart strings? You don't think my "shadow" idea has any credibility to it at all? Then why do we continually turn away from the reality of Christ every time somebody calls attention to the shadow of his coming? You shoulda figured that's where I got my inspiration for that ridiculous movie idea.

More to come ...

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yer a fuhhhhnny guy!  :) i will read on … intrigued. it has been quite a while since i read these. :)
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Posted: Sep-06-03 by HumblyHis2

Wonderful portrayal. Is it a wonder that we would rather worship the type and shadow of Christ's image, instead of the real thing! I still get tired of others speaking with their mouths, but their hearts are far from him. Really how can you love God if you don't know him? This is again why the bible says they profess to be christian's but deny the power of God! I constantly intend to contend for my faith In Christ! It is not of works lest anyone should boast. Why do we boast about something we have, or do as if we were not given it? For God has given us everything we need to obtain godliness, and it is not our own self-righteousness, it is Christ in Us, the hope of glory! I don't want to be a copy of righteousness, I want to be the expression of righteousness that is not mine, but Christ In Me! Well, this might seems like rambling to others, but it makes sense to me! :)

Posted: Sep-06-03 by Heather

LOL...Jim this was tooo funny and tooooooo pathetic all rolled into one very poignant, undesirable, yet unavoidable, uncomfortable, truth.

All to often we are looking for the shadows...expecially if they appear
bigger or more easily controlled than the original.

Big hugs your such a blessing I love how your mind works.

Posted: Sep-06-03 by Joyce

I can tell this new shoveletter subject is going to be good. I'm wondering
what "shadows" you're planning on exposing. I know of some, but probably not all. Can't wait for the "more to come".

Posted: Sep-06-03 by Bruce

Leave the shadow...go for the SUBSTANCE!

You have to LOOK PAST THE CLOUDS to see the glory IN THE CLOUDS!

Yes...Behold He cometh...WITH CLOUDS! And EVERY EYE shall SEE HIM!
But He also said that He was going away and that the "world" will see him no more...
but that his followers would "see Him". So...which is it??? Is it that EVERY EYE shall see Him...or that the world will see him no more??? Sounds like double talk doesn't it? Also Jesus said the kingdom of God does not come with "observation"...that is to say that you cannot see it with your natural eyes! It is an "invisible" kingdom.

So...what are these CLOUDS OF HEAVEN that He is coming in???
Could WE be the clouds! YES! That MUST be it! Christ "IN US" is the GLORY...and these earthly tabernacles that He dwells in "CLOUDS" or covers over or keeps Him hidden. He is only known by those clouds who have this "living water" in them! Yes! That's is it! Because it says that He is coming to be GLORIFIED "IN" His saints!

SO...if you don't know Him as "your life" and "see Him" in your brother...then you'll ever be looking for His appearing! That is to say that you only know yourself and your brother..."by the flesh"...and NOT by the Spirit. That's why Paul said...henceforth we know "NO MAN" any longer after the flesh...but only after the Spirit.

So...if you don't see Him "coming in the clouds of glory" (whom we are)...then you're missing His appearing! But if you learn to develop your "spiritual" vision...to see yourself and your brother as Our Father does...well then...your in for a BIG SURPRISE! Because you see EVERYONE...holy and blameless...in His sight! You see a "finished work".

So...if every eye is gonna see Him...but it isn't gonna be with their natural eyes...then that must mean that they are gonna "see Him" the same way we do!
That sounds too good to be true!

From one cloud to another!



Posted: Sep-06-03 by Peter


This was great! I am waiting with anticipation for part 2. With me it
wasn't about falling in love with the shadow as it was trying to catch the
shadow -- either way, I too, was fixated on that shadow. Remembering Peter Pan (Big Smile).


Posted: Sep-06-03 by Richard

Jim, Speaking of shadows, have you read any of Steve McVey's books?
In chapter 12 he relates a story. In Plato's The Republic is "The Allegory of the Cave," a story told by Plato's teacher, Socrates. He used the story to illustrate the meaning of various degrees of knowledge and belief; the analogy also beautifully illustrates how God has worked with me to reveal Christ as my life.
It's a short but great story illustrating the difference of shadows versus reality.
Looking forward to hearing more of your story/movie!

Posted: Sep-06-03 by Adam

man, the bondage of human tradition ...oh how we have preserved it and fostered it and yet Christ is directly opposed!!!Daddy long leggs,hmmm the leggs of the law are just as long as the arm of the law!Law,law,law,law,

Posted: Sep-06-03 by Sherri

James Robert Minker, how I love thee!! : )

Such a romantic and clever, corny and fun man you are!! : )

Yes, DO go on!! : )

And the really unique and miraculously creative thing about this movie you are making is that there may be only 2 roles, yet MANY players, yet the many are One with Him! Hmmm ... an ENIGMA! : )

Or are you going to add more players than that? We shall see what we shall see. This is fun! : )

Love you MORE!

Posted: Sep-06-03 by Dan

Thank the Lord He has given us the real living word in our hearts .In the old covenant was only a shadow of the new covenant where the life of Christ could be with us always.Thank and praise God for His real life in us and not just a shadow. Love

Posted: Sep-06-03 by Gregg

Bruce: Thanks for your reply to Jim's shadow story...you have joyously written some truths I have never "seen" before...I have always been uncomfortable focusing on Jesus coming as from above, when He is already from within me in all of His fullness! Whenever I am encouraged to focus on His Second coming, my focus is actually turned away from the reality of Him already coming in me...and the subtle temptation is to view myself as a separate entity from Christ (i.e., not really in union with Him). But when I focus on Christ as my life NOW, it is my union with His glorious life that gives me the profound desire to see Him face to face. I dearly want to see with glorified eyes what I already see through faith. However, some Christians try to exhort other Christians to look for Christ's Second Coming as a "work", i.e., you prove you love Him by looking intently for His coming. Am I making any sense? Anyway...thanks a bunch, brother! Stepping from the cold shadows and into the warm light...

Posted: Sep-06-03 by Judy

I think this story may not win an academy award, but an award that truly counts. Shadows have a grip on too many lives. Perhaps that is where the saying for "The Shadow" comes ... 'What evil lurks in the hearts of men, the Shadow knows' or something like that. How could a shadow know? It must be because people are chasing shadows, so that is what they are closest to.

Shadows of all sorts have life threatening grips. Take marriage for instance ... how many wait for that God given person? I imagine the percent is low. People fall in love with love itself and marry the first person that comes along for whatever reason. Regrets come. Thus the high divorce rate.

I appreciate your letters.

Have a beautiful week. God bless you.

Posted: Dec-14-08 by guest

I think it's a great idea for a movie. It's about time for something original....Hollywood has very creative minds technically...but next to nothing when it comes to telling a really good story...This one sounds like it has lots of potential...Really!

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