16 Sep 2001

The Silent Answer

Submitted by theshovel
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We are often left with no answers to our questions, but what do we do when too many answers make sense? Since the recent tragedies there have been a multitude of differing viewpoints as to why, how, who’s to blame, what should we do, etc. Many offer clear-cut solutions that touch a place of agreement within us, but then we hear another side suggesting all is not as we may have thought. Into this confusion we are hit with varying Christian viewpoints which are often supported by chapter and verse arguments. Maybe it makes us feel better to oppose and ridicule those we consider extremist, but I wonder how much of this disdain might actually be focused upon our own unresolved thoughts? What value is there in merely ridiculing those viewpoints we deem un-Christian if we can’t seem to find a viewpoint that is? After all, if our Christian perspectives disregard the reality of Christ how Christian can those perspectives be? Why should we be so surprised by what is stirred within us? For over the years we have created vast mental filing systems wherein are stored many pockets of logic lying dormant - until the harshness of life calls them to consciousness. It has been during such times that much of my own religious deprogramming has taken place where I have been forced to recognize the lack of any connection between those pockets of logic and the reality of Christ, and Him crucified. Somehow that silence has posed the greater argument. I think often of the clash recorded between Christ and the religious mind. An examination of the conflicts should make it obvious that those in the religious system regarded Jesus as if He denied or avoided reality. But it was merely reality as they saw it, for the real is hidden behind the smokescreen of fleshly appearance. None of it is hidden from God. For years, I often wondered why Jesus didn’t seem to answer the questions He was asked - until I finally realized that the real questions were usually hidden behind the words. Somehow Jesus ALWAYS answered the REAL questions. Please know that I have no intention of presenting my correct viewpoint regarding recent events, for I am at a loss in many ways just as you are. I would rather challenge you to view all things with eyes that see what cannot be seen. And not only to see it, but to be satisfied when the answer we receive is not the answer we had verbalized. I know we are all faced with questions that demand answers - my confusion also poses them. The asking of those questions is not the problem, for we need to hear ourselves ask them. Until we discover that many of our questions seek a Christ-less Christian answer we will give that old logic a place to remain undisturbed and to resurface at the next conflict. Jesus STILL answers the real questions because His life in you is ALWAYS the answer.


Wow, This is such a meaningful post. It touches me in a deep, deep way. For I can so relate to the logic that hides my REAL questions of God about my life. For there have been layers upon layers of these things that have been generated over the years born in a sense of separation that I was tricked into thinking was my lot in life. That separation I valiantly fought in the power of my own strength for many years but, it still over came me. My only hope was and is that God would prompt in me a dependence on the new mind. For in the tailspin -I did not know who to trust, though I always knew but, was just returning to a fleshly sense of fear.[instead of confidence] ADAM
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Posted: September 16, 2001 by Dan

Hi Jim there is so many thoughts going threw my mind and the only thing I can truly know for sure is Christ is my life. There were many times this week that all I would say to people that Christ is only sure foundation .I see many people who are in fear not knowing where to turn.I just thank GOD that He gave us JESUS CHRIST has saints of God we have His life in us to let others know He is the answer.I thank Him that we have this website to incourage one another.Love

Posted: September 16, 2001 by Richard & Margo B

Hi Jim,

I've included a comment from my good friend Art.
He lives in Connecticut and Florida.

I've seen indications from people I've met and them telling of the response of others (such as their grown children) that this awful event and scare is being used by the Father to shake the facade of self-reliance, showing mankind that they are insecure in themselves. Man has only one hope - being in His loving eternal arms by being in Christ.

Jim and Sherri we love you!

Richard and Margi

Posted: September 16, 2001 by dave mcguire


thankyou for saying in your recent 'shovelletter' exactly what i have been feeling this past week.the answer before last weeks events was Christ and the answer now is still Christ.So many are gearing up for 'warfare' that they overlook that the church has been in warfare for 2000 years.
thanks again,brother.

Posted: September 16, 2001 by Scott

Hi Jim,

Never wrote you before this but thought I would comment on your most recent article dealing with the recent terrorist bombing. I think you hit the nail on the head that we all have many unanswered questions in our minds. I for one want to see retribution for this terrorist act but then you think to yourself that 'hey, I'm a Christian, I am not suppose to think that way (turn the other cheek and all that)'. Then I try to 'figure out' what Christ's response would be to all this. I am sure it would be quite different than I can even imagine. The ultimate realization is that God is sovereign, God is in control, He knows what is going on, and He will only allow what is according to His perfect will.


Posted: September 16, 2001 by Michael Daniel

Hey Jim,

To God alone be the glory. I pray that we do not forget as quickly as we have in the past. Silent Answer says so much. When we are silent...He gives us answers for HE ALONE IS THE ANSWER!!! Just Jesus!

It is right that we ask, for when we exhaust all our searching through asking for answers and signs, then Christ and Christ alone is the subject of our attention and focus. Without Him expanding and contracting our lungs we are as dead as hell itself. Again I say...just Jesus. There is nothing else.

Thanks again brother Jim. It is my very fond hope that He brings us face to face soon. I cannot wait to see the incredible great good He transforms this tragedy into. It can be nothing less than miraculous. Inside Him inside us!


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