29 Sep 2001

Life on Hold?

Submitted by theshovel
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Among my family's collection of videos is a movie titled, Green Card. The plot is about an American woman and a French man who get married - technically - so that he can get a green card (American citizenship) and she can get into an apartment that only allows married couples. The plan is that once they have secured their goals they will get divorced. In one scene, the woman makes a comment about how glad she will be to get all this mess over with so that her life can get back to normal - and she asks,

"And what about you?"
"Me?", he replies in a subdued voice, "I'm waiting for my life to begin."

I understand the feeling of annoyance and the sense of bother when my life seems to have been put on hold. I know what it is to live in the anticipation of finally getting my life back to the way it was. I wonder how I forget so easily that my life BEGAN in Christ, and not that it got put on hold?

Before faith, we were waiting for our life to begin. Oh, we were walking around PRETENDING to be alive, but it was, in reality, a walking death. You know, "Dead man walking!" The reason we begin to think that too much grace might cause us to become lax is when we use the old fleshly activity of that walking death as the standard by which we measure production. We will always end up being disappointed with God's work when we compare it to the works of the flesh because there is a pretty doggoned convincing illusion that at least SOMETHING is happening when we get busy and just do it.

We became truly alive in Christ for the very first time. But you know what happens? The illusion of appearance has told us again and again that nothing is happening. The religious mind has interpreted that to mean that to be too heavenly minded makes us of no earthly good. But we were not brought into religion, we were brought into LIFE. On top of it all, our confusion has become compounded. For as we become afraid of resting in the miraculous working of Christ we then turn to the LIFELESS activity of that same religious mindset in hopes of producing some fruit of the Spirit. But it never satisfies us, does it?

Your life is NOT on hold in Christ, it BEGAN in Him. Don't compare it to what you knew in the flesh, simply live as one who has been raised from the dead with Christ. This is your deliverance from your former lifeless existence. Live as one who is ALIVE, and refuse to judge your life by the thing you grew up thinking of as life. We have been given a NEW definition of life - which is the only TRUE definition of life - and it is Christ Himself.

as He is, so also are we in this world. 1 John 4:17

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Posted: September 29, 2001 by Adrian

I feel and sense a passion in your newsletters about this life in Christ you have, and want to proclaim. For that, I thank God. Tell me, is there anyone who understands this grace in which we stand anywhere in the Los Angeles area? It seems like I'm the only one in this part of the country who wants to glory in the exchanged life we share. Could you please let me know about any acquaintances or fellowships in my area who would be interested in the grace messages (male only please). Thanks.

Posted: September 29, 2001 by Nanette

this one came in handy this week. The lady that stays with me, Jani, is in pretty rough shape, physically beat up and emotionally bankrupt. I used this letter to tell her that the miraculous life of Christ was oozing out of her in spite of the fact that she couldn't physically do for others and was even able to give her specific examples from her previous couple of days. I don't know if any of it sunk in or not. But the last couple days have been rough on me, not because of any circumstance or situation, life is pretty much the same as it usually is for me. Pretty good compared to most. But between my ears it's been bad. And I keep telling myself that Life is still going on thru me even though once again I have lost my mind. And the thought of being joined with Christ on any level at all is way out of grasp. Have a great vacation say Hi to Sherri. Love,

Posted: September 29, 2001 by the shovel

Hello sweet Nanette!!!

Yes, I'm writing you from Scotland!!! I have my email set up so I can access it from any computer. Of course, a computer is not always readily accessible from wherever I'm at. I've got a few minutes, but must get off soon.

I got you a cap from the Isle of Man and also a keychain for Angela. Also got some rocks from here and there, wherever we have stayed. :)

Yes, the life of Christ is actively working even now!!!! It's often right under our noses. How excellent it is to catch sight of it from time to time. :)


Posted: September 29, 2001 by Brother Bob

"God tries the righteous". Life that appears to be on hold is God teaching us to wait at his doorstep. "Wait on the Lord, be of good courage". In other words, rest in his atonement and wait until He speaks loud and clear. Don't get busy, put your feet up and start resting. This pleases the Lord because our sacrifices are filthy rags to Him. Too many Christians dislike waiting on God and figure they better get moving for God. In doing this they are bringing themselves under the law and therefore under a curse. Iv'e known many a Christian who checked out on the Lord because of the waiting. It's like the Jews wandering in the desert without faith. They want he promised land now but have not learned to trust.A complaining spirit sets in and old sins make a quick return. The parodox of a deep walk with God is that when your life in Christ seems to be "put on hold', it is then He is speaking the loudest.

Posted: September 29, 2001 by the shovel

Hello Bob! Thanks for writing. :)

« Life that appears to be on hold is God teaching us to wait at his doorstep. »

And the wonderful thing about this "doorstep" is that it is deep inside God Himself!!! :)

« Don't get busy, put your feet up and start resting. »

What a scary and dreadful thought for the religious mind, huh? :)

« Iv'e known many a Christian who checked out on the Lord because of the waiting. It's like the Jews wandering in the desert without faith. »

Of course, it also reminds me of Abraham and Sarah's attempt to produce God's heir. Yikes!!! I sure am glad the Father keeps working in all His children despite their ridiculous attempts to "please" Him.

Jim :)

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