26 Dec 2000

Word Made Flesh

Submitted by theshovel
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It's almost a shame we've gotten so doggoned smart. I mean, come on, we're MUCH smarter than that naive little girl who bore the child, for she was left “pondering these things (about Jesus) in her heart”. And we KNOW we've got a huge edge over those stupid shepherds, after all, what else did they know but SHEEP? And those ignorant disciples - whose specialty was fishing, tax-collecting, tent-making, and things like that - they couldn't hold a candle to our improved systems of understanding what really happened when the Word was made flesh!! Oh, no, we have some pretty impressive formulas that have been created over the centuries since those ignorant and primitive days. We have a much better handle on explaining who Jesus is than they did, don't we? Well, we sure talk as if we do.

Did I get your attention? I hope so. :) Forget your formulas about Jesus. Those prepackaged phrases and quotes short-circuit understanding more often than they help it! Somehow we have fallen for the deception that being able to intellectually understand and explain Jesus is a substitute for the miraculous revelation that only comes from God. As you consider the small size of the package realize that the inside is much bigger than the outside (Thanx to C.S. Lewis for that phrase).

Stand in awe of the miracle of the incredible joining of the Creator and the Creation. Witness the “Emmanuel” - God with us. Consider the One who came to deliver us from our sin and condemnation. Behold the Word that was made flesh!



Word from the beginning, power sent of God

Son born of the Father … Jesus, He was called

Creator and creation joined in one

Glory of the highest humbled by the birth.

Lived among the dying full of grace and truth

Came to save His dying world


Behold the glory of the Holy One. Behold the glory in the Son

Word made flesh, He walked among us – God and man has become one

Come, see the wonder of the ages, come, see that which has not been known

Christ, the Word, still walks upon the earth, He lives in us who are His own


Word from the beginning … power sent of God

Son born of the Father … Jesus, He was called

Creator and creation joined in one

written and copyright by Jim Minker, 12/96


Until next time ….. scoopfully yours, the shovel (aka “Jim”)



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Posted: December 26, 2000 by Becki

Another great letter.

Rejoicing in the miraculous with you!

Love to you and Sherri!!!!! Hope your holiday weekend was filled with many, many joyful events, AND a Christmas tree that remained upright long enough to enjoy it.

Posted: December 26, 2000 by David D

Jim and Sherri and the girls,

Just what we needed to hear on this marvelous day. Thank you for passing the word. I hope the whole Minker clan is having the very merriest of Christmases! Lona, the kids, and I offer you our thanks for your loving assistance in recent times of crisis, and our best wishes for the season, and the coming year. 2001 promises to be very exciting, especially after that giant space embryo gets here!!! :) Let's keep in touch.

Love, David, Lona, Joshua, Angela, Smokey, and Britney (the Hamster)

Posted: December 26, 2000 by Diana M

Hi Jim, I liked your verses, a song you wrote in 1996.. Tony wrote this little "switch" to the famous basketball ball commercial 3 years ago...

Over the rejection,
past the sin,
around the deception,
beyond the darkness,
behind the veil,
on the cross..
in the abyss..
above the clouds,
nothin' but love!

Hope you and sherri and the whole had a wonderful holiday..love

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