2 Jun 2000

Standard Operating Procedures

Submitted by theshovel
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Let me remind you that it is NOT my goal to change your beliefs. Why not? Because I have been made painfully aware that there is no value in the rearrangement of your intellectual structure. Can I tell you why I see it this way? I have discovered that most of our talk about our faith is nothing more than our adherance to an official religious opinion. The thing behind the opinion may even be true, but our belief is not really about truth, but about the acceptance factor of that truth. Acceptance factor? In other words, the amount of validation you or I require to gain the sense that the way we see it is correct. To put it even another way: at any given time I will base my sense of rightness upon the fact that I agree (OR disagree) with someone or something. But isn’t the fallacy of this rightness incredibly obvious? For it supposes that you and I are the ones who make the judgment as to which system of judgment we validate as worthy. OF COURSE the system we choose tends to back us up and prove us right. I admit, in view of this, that what I offer seems very flimsy. After all, if I disregard the accepted SOP of the religious system (Standard Operating Procedures) and yet discuss a topic that SEEMS to demand that SOP I would be destroying the very basis upon which I could convince you of my viewpoint. Unless, of course, there is someone outside our judgment system that has already validated us and is working inside us to teach us that we are no longer of this world’s system of judgment.
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Posted: June 3, 2000 by Lona


I really felt as though I understood what you were saying about SOP--- it's kind of a first for me as I often have trouble comprehending more than a line or two at a time. I missed Firetalk, as for the stuttering and stumbling I doubt that, you always seem pretty level to me. I promise to vote just so you know I already have. Good luck with that I also forward to everyone I know [which ain't many].


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