18 Feb 2000

Living in the moment with I AM

Submitted by theshovel
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I AM WHO I AM ... I AM has sent me to youExodus 3:14

I could be wrong, but I think Moses may have been expecting a different answer to his request of God for His name. Imagine Moses visualizing the scene when he takes God's message to Pharaoh. The most powerful man on earth says, "So, what is the name of your god who makes demands of ME?" Moses says, "I AM". Pharaoh: "Huh? Could you repeat that? It sounded like you said 'I AM'."

Notice, God did not tell Moses, "I WAS" or "I WILL BE", but "I AM". Now, God is, as stated in Revelation 1:8


but He never said that His name is, "I WAS" or "I WILL BE", but "I AM".

Let's get simple, okay? "I AM" is a statement of real, right now existence. Our problem with this simplicity is that, in ourselves, WE DON'T KNOW WHO WE ARE. We TRY to live in the moment, but our moments are so dependent upon our yesterdays and our tomorrows that today is cancelled out. In other words, we live our lives trying to be "somebody".

How often do you try to get away from your past in the hopes of making a better future? No, you are not alone. This is one of the basic operating principles of the world you grew up in. If you will just observe it with the new eyes that you have been given by the Spirit it would jump out in front of you everywhere you looked!

Realize this: there is only ONE TRUE SOURCE OF LIFE, and it is the life of God. He is the I AM. You cannot learn how to live this life by practice; it is only "learned" in Christ, for he was born of God. So, you can forget all your techniques ... they can't help you get past the fundamental chasm between the flesh and the Spirit.

Here's the scoop: If Christ is in you, you have already received the life of "I AM"! This is the eternal life ... and it is Christ.

Do you realize that life can only be lived in the present? Think about it. Can you LIVE in yesterday? Can you LIVE in tomorrow? No, it is ALWAYS today. It's not even 5 minutes ago ... nor is it 5 minutes from now ... it is ALWAYS ONLY NOW.

So, here's my real question: What is this "life" that we have learned from the world ... the life that is bound by the bondage of the past and illusions of the future? Hmmm?

Don't worry about the past, He has already taken care of that. Don't concern yourself with the future, He is already there.

Live the life that is NOW ... it is the life of God, the "I AM". 5 years from now it will STILL be the life that is NOW. It is only an illusion that you can live anywhere else. Theories of the space/time continuum won't help you either. For it is only in Christ that everything of God lives in bodily form. And He is in YOU. He took you out of the old and made you new. Already.

Next time: "What we shall be"
and then: The Judgment Seat of Christ

Until next time .....
scoopfully yours,
the shovel (aka "Jim")

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Posted: February 18, 2000 by Joan

God Bless You Jim - "I AM" is right on! Good God Work :0) - Joan

Posted: February 18, 2000 by Bruce



Blown Away!

These words coming out of you are a "two-edged sword"! It's like you are riding on a white horse and FIRE is coming out of your eyes! Because it's HIM in you and you have His vision!

The reason I know you so well...is because I know Him so well. It's getting really hard for me to see any separation. All I see is HIM! ... AS HE IS! ...NOW! In you and in me...ONE...filling all things! Bringing all things under His dominion and authority.

I AM...speechless!

Posted: February 18, 2000 by Tamy

Hey Jim,

You have no idea how "timely" this shoveletter was for me:) Too much to give details, but just wanted you to know that God is using your scoops:)

Thanks so much!!!

Posted: February 18, 2000 by Paul

Excellent word Jim.

Now I am really blessed!!!

Uhhh,,, but then, it won't be now when you read this. :)

When Jim reads this is it will be NOW. Your above writing is very encouraging. My prayer is that God will enable to live and enjoy living in the now. To often, especially now, I am anxious about the future and fail to see the blessings the Lord has for me now.

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