21 Feb 1999

Perception or Reality

Submitted by theshovel
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Hello my friends! Something to consider: Is Christianity what we PERCEIVE it to be … or is it REALITY? This is NOT a trick question. For our confusion over how to live the Christian life comes from perception.

  • I either have been forgiven … or I have not.
  • I either have been made the righteousness of God … or I have not.
  • I either am alive in Christ … or I am not. * I either have faith … or I do not.
  • I either have the Son of God … or I do not.

Reality tells me that it is true; perception isn't sure!

I just uploaded some major changes this afternoon on theshovel.net. There is a new section with some info on yours truly. :) Future stuff coming to theshovel.net is a section that I'm working on called The Argument. Should be quite interesting. It will be dealing with the ongoing controversy about God's Sovereignty vs. Man's Responsibility (also called Calvinism vs. Arminianism; Election vs. Free Will, etc.). I can guarantee you this much: it is a totally unexpected viewpoint and should be refreshing! Look for it in the next 2 weeks!

Have a shovelacious day! From the shovel aka … Jim :)

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