7 Jun 1999

Justification: Just a Doctrine?

Submitted by theshovel
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How is it that we have managed to turn the simple reality of Justification into an irrelevant doctrine that has little meaning to our real lives? Did you know that this truth has everything to do with everything we think or do every single day? Justification is Jesus' defense of those who believe. He calls us RIGHTEOUS.

He calls us righteous because, through His finished work on the cross, He has MADE us righteous. Argue it all you want, but the reality of justification goes right to the bone … it touches us exactly where we need it. The fact of the matter is that we spend most of our waking hours attempting to justify ourselves.

How so? We work hard to make ourselves appear respectable. We attempt to defend ourselves in our arguments and by our good deeds. We repeatedly act out HOW we would say WHAT we would say if WE were in somebody else's situation. Who are we trying to impress? If you are trying to impress me … why?

I'm not your judge! Nor are you mine. But if the righteous judge of all the earth has defended you what is left to say? Who needs your proof? Do you have any idea how much time you would find available to do something worthwhile if you didn't have to try to convince other people that you are really worth something because somebody else already made it a reality?

scoopfully yours, the shovel (aka Jim)

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Hello you Scooperfool you!

Good letter! :)

I love the 'scoopfully your's' !! Cute!! And all the little borders and deco-s! :) Content very edifying indeed!! Would like to copy it onto a large index card and tack it up somewhere!!

GOD justified us in HIS Son ... in His Son we are defended already ... for now and beyond all time into the infinite ... Hmmm ... how about the infinite time 'before' ? This time thing does raise a lot of questions! Just a little tho't that popped into my head as I typed. I do not really care much about the 'before', but the questions do come up from time to time. Ya know like, if infinity is infinite, how was there ever a time before, a present, and a future? Were Adam and Eve put in 'time' from the beginning, (well, there was day and night before they were even created, right? duh) Or is even 'time' different because of the fall?

Anyways ... another wabbit trail for your garden shovel to put an end to? Just bonk the wabbit on the head! That should take care of that!! Blasted wabbits!! That must be another complicated part of our identity crisees! We are sheep, but we think we are wabbits!! Hmmm ... another area to explore!

Thus, another slogan unfolds: "Christ ... the wabbit exterminator!!" :) chuckle chuckle

Back to the subject that was on hand ... or on the shovel head ... or wherever ... Justification by the GOD of all Creation!! That is pretty awesome indeed!! :)

I love you very much, James the Just!! :)
Hugs from Sherri the Just :)

Hi Jim,

I'm definitely a "wanna-be". I really enjoy the letters. You are right, of course, we do waste much time trying to justify ourselves to someone in our life.

I checked out your web site - I've been so busy babysitting my 2 1/2 yr-old granddaughter for the past few weeks, I've hardly taken time to check my mail - haven't done any surfing. Hey, I loved the pics. It's always great to have faces to go with names. Tell Sherri I really enjoy her writings, too, and wonder how a really cute girl like her ended up with you. (Just kidding, you're a great looking couple). I don't have a web site to post pics on, but if you go to: www.ohiowebsite.com then scroll down to WD Photos, then to The Gang meets at Friendly's, there I am with a group I met on the internet and then met in person. As a matter of fact, they're all coming to my house tomorrow for a cookout. Hey, I have a great idea - why don't you and Sherri come, too. Is 2:00 okay? Wouldn't that be a blast. I'd love for you to be here - to bring forth the grace message in a great way. So come on up and enjoy a hot dog and hamburg with "the gang".

Gotta' go. Samantha is up from her nap. Time to "run" again. I'm much too old and hefty for this.

Take care and write soon.
Resting in Peace, (but more alive than ever)

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