9 Oct 2009

Shoveletters of 1999

Submitted by theshovel
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1999 marked the beginning of the Shoveletter. As you might notice, the letters started out quite short and grew over the first year into much longer articles. In November of this first year, I ventured into the first of the Shoveletter series, The Will of God. Choose an article in the left menu titled "Shoveletter 1999" and read away. When you click on one of the articles in the series another menu will pop up on the right side of the page making it easier to navigate the series.

Random Shovelquote: The Advice of God? (view all shovelquotes)

there is no advice in this world – even if it comes from a Bible verse or a preacher’s sermon – that can produce God’s work within you. Oh, it might make you appear more spiritually productive, but the working of God doesn’t come from the practical side of the grave … but from the living side that has risen past it. When I tell you that Christ is your life, I’m telling you about the one and only present-tense reality that causes you to live as one who is truly alive in this world. source