1 Jan 2001

The Shoveletter

Submitted by theshovel
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Back in 1995, before I got hooked up online, I published a good news letter called Grace Notes. Every article was centered around the radical truth of Jesus Christ as our life. Some of those articles are included in the shovel web site to this day. Of course, the mechanics of producing a paper newsletter is quite time consuming and costly, so I gave up on that venture after a couple years, though it wasn't much later that I discovered the ease of such a project on the Internet. I would have kept the Grace Notes name, but after a search turned up at least one other Christian publication by that name I decided to come up with something altogether different and original. After settling on the web site name of theshovel.net, the extended name, Shoveletter, was a piece of cake.

As the Shoveletter got longer and more in-depth I decided to create another email letter called The Spoonful for shorter non-serial articles. Don't forget to check that section out.

Choose a category on the Shoveletter menu, and that will give you a list of articles from the given year to select. I love to hear back from those who are touched by what I have written.

You may also view specific Shoveletter series by choosing the appropriately-named links.

Jim :)

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Let me get very blunt. What kind of gospel leaves you in the unknown regarding the very premise of the actual good news of Christ, which is full confidence in one’s relationship to God through Christ? What kind of gospel causes you to think it’s all about what you do or don’t do, when the good news declares that it’s not about you at all but all about Christ and what he has done and is now doing? source