23 Nov 2013

Shovelaudio Uganda! Our Freedom in Christ Conference. Day 4

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Day 4 of the Our Freedom in Christ Conference in Kampala, Uganda (11/5/2013-11/9/2013).

Shovelaudio Uganda 4.1

The Friday evening segment opens with two songs, including thoughts as to why I added a couple verses to the first song, Do Your Burdens Make You Fall?. I also discuss in depth regarding the second tune, Newness of Life, about how we have come to regard the putting off of the old man as being some kind of struggle when, in fact, it describes the freedom of discarding the lie that would have us see ourselves as still residing in death and clinging to the dead things of our past life.

Shovelaudio Uganda 4.2

    This segment contains my response to the question, “If I’m dead to sin, why do I continue in the activity of sin?” Two views you should NOT expect to hear from me:
  1. Because we’re free it doesn’t make any difference!
  2. Because we need to be responsible we should try to live up to our Christian values!

Not a chance!! Can’t we see how both explanations are fleshly attempts at explaining a life that exists outside the framework of human understanding? Join me for some insight that is out of this world. :)

Shovelaudio Uganda 4.3

What is the nature of the freedom Paul wrote of in Galatians 5:1, and what is the yoke of bondage?
How does it have everything to do with how you view and judge yourself right now?
What is the true nature of the persecution that confronts you on a daily basis, both from inside or outside of the religious institution?

Shovelaudio Uganda 4.4

  • What about those warnings to not turn grace into a license to sin?
  • And, How does grace help me when I’m overcome by fleshly urges?

Shovelaudio Uganda 4.5

  • What is faith … and can I make it happen?
  • Hearing the voice of God … how can I know if I’ve heard God correctly?


Really enjoying Day 4 immensely my brother..



I am running around and terribly busy but, just the tail end of these last few audios are exceptionally powerful. I look forward to when things slow down and I can give my undivided attention to what the Lord is saying to me in YOU!




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