21 Nov 2013

Shovelaudio Uganda! Our Freedom in Christ Conference. Day 3

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Okay then, I am now uploading Day 3 of the Our Freedom in Christ Conference in Kampala, Uganda (11/5/2013-11/9/2013).

Shovelaudio Uganda 3.1

In this opening section of the day, I start of with 3 songs I wrote from years back. From there, as is my habit, I springboard into the manipulations of the religious system in dealing with new believers. I mean, it can start out wonderful with feelings of freedom and forgiveness, but it’s not too long before the serious side comes crashing down and that enthusiasm becomes stifled under the weight of responsibility and serving the Lord. Many preachers and teachers can’t wait to harness that energy and bring it under their control. And when the fire goes out, they pull out their sermons about being lukewarm Christians. Then come the revivals and the non-ending praise and worship sessions in hopes of reintroducing some of that lost excitement.

Shovelaudio Uganda 3.2

Mark asks a few questions about the radical concept of grace that’s taught by Universalists who say that all people are in Christ whether they know it or not, and that there is no hell. My response has less to do with the arguments and more to do with what’s behind them. I also deal with whether I believe God is really going to burn people forever in a pit of fire.

Shovelaudio Uganda 3.3

    In this segment:
  • Is knowing the truth directly proportional to knowing the Bible!
  • How is seeking after truth related to vampires?
  • What does it mean when Jesus said the Spirit would lead them into all truth?

Shovelaudio Uganda 3.4

    In this segment:
  • Ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of truth … Does that mean ME?
  • Why do we run after those who shut us out and keep banging at their doors?
  • How do people come to different conclusions using the Bible as being the inspired word of God?

Shovelaudio Uganda 3.5

    In this segment:
  • How is truth know?
  • If I’m dead to sin then why don’t I feel like it?
  • What is reckoning? Is it something I should be doing?


This moved me.

I was also quite moved. Jim has such a grasp of relating the experiences we lived through in "religion", and then so beautifully speaking of Gods reality.

Well, on to 2 & 3..........Julie

theshovel's picture

Thanks Adam and Julie!! :)

Was listening to 3.3 of the Uganda series on the drive today. Right after that, I was encouraged to be able to start hearing part 4. What a huge dose of living reality here…I highly recommend these to all our friends and new friends yet to hear.




3.5: 'Are you a pot, a fork?” lol

..and yet it is so right on.



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