17 Nov 2013

Shovelaudio Uganda! Our Freedom in Christ Conference. Day 2

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I am now uploading Day 2 of the Our Freedom in Christ Conference in Kampala, Uganda (11/5/2013-11/9/2013). You can expect quite a few audios coming at you in a relatively short time. If you enjoy them, please consider leaving a comment as to what it means to you. :)

Shovelaudio Uganda 2.1

As believers discover the amazing grace of God in Christ, the old legal demands, along with the oppressive guilt and shame begin to fall off … and then the questions begin to arise. What do we do with all those expectations regarding behavior and character that are scattered all throughout the letters of the same guys who told us about being free from the law? In this first segment of the day — after the first few minutes, that is — I answer that question.

Shovelaudio Uganda 2.2

As a follow-up to the last segment, this one starts off with questions regarding whether being free from the Law also frees us from moral obligations. And then, what should be done about those who continue in sin, especially spiritual leaders in the church. To emphasize the truth of living under law, I include one of my own experience as a clumsy kid who spilled the coffee … at the wrong time on the wrong person!! LOL!

Shovelaudio Uganda 2.3

  • To the pure all things are pure … does that mean everything we do is pure?
  • Afraid to rest in his grace because I’m afraid I’ll use my freedom to do what I want. I’m afraid my behavior’s never going to change.
  • Spiritual disciplines? Coming for fellowship. Can a believer grow without certain amount scriptures. Believing right causes you to live right.
  • What about personal discipline in the word (aka the Bible)? No Bible, no breakfast!

Shovelaudio Uganda 2.4

  • Tithing … is it for today? What about Abraham having given a 10% of the spoils BEFORE the Law?
  • Leaders … are they more knowledgeable, more spiritual? Who are the real leaders among us?
  • As Christians, is it okay to do things we enjoy or should we give up everything in order to serve the Lord?
  • Bible college windows of judgments, lessons from the Karate Kid, and Is it unspiritual to get ahead?

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..already listening…!

Jim I really, really appreciated your expressions regarding “being real” toward the end of this audio. Isn't living by law so GOOD at keeping us fake?



PS: Looking forward to the next one regarding “ANY more obligations?”

theshovel's picture

So true! Living by law really does stimulate fakery among us.


..there is such a practical tone to 2.2


It is my favorite so far.



Again, so appreciative of this insight brother.




PS: And the work you did to make it available.

Thank you for the work you are doing. This 2.3 audio kept me up last night thinking about the outside of the cup. It is good to lose sleep and think hard. Looking forward to others that are to come. Vivi

These audios continue to be so full, one hardly knows which one to mention. From the comments posted, one easily sees that father works so individually with each of us, as different segments give us pause. None of the audios so far have fallen short of "pauses" for me, either reminding me of where I was (bringing the joy of gratitude) or bringing more of an understanding of the truth of who and where I am today.

I join in thanking you, and thanking Father for his life in you that has brought you to who and where you are today, knowing that His work will continue in you as it will in me, and indeed in all my brothers and sisters. Speaking of that, the questions asked were so so so good!!! I am assuming they were a consensus of all those gathered there. I also thank the dear brother who was the one brave enough (ha ha) to ask them publicly. Just wondering if that was Mark, the one who first asked you to come over.

I'm re-listening to the ones already posted and definitely looking forward to the ones
yet to be posted (no pressure, ha ha) .............Julie

theshovel's picture

There were two dear brothers who posed the questions: Mark and Ali. They passed a basket around and collected questions from those who attended. Many of them had been writing them down way before I got there!!! :)

2.3 This has been my favorite so far! Loved the questions Mark asked, and your responses. I mean, COME ON, to have been declared righteous in Christ, to have been Made INNOCENT and FREE from accusation?! To have been given a NEW heart, to have the Life of Christ living within us?! Daily the world is pushing it's fleshly stuff at us, but He is declaring our purity. By far, I love that verse, and I love that we are those of a PURE heart. All of, course, through ALL that Christ has done for us!! :):):)

theshovel's picture

Good morning, Mary! Thanks for expressing so clearly what you got out of this audio. Very encouraging. :)


I have been enjoying the messages very much but still find i am missing the conversations over on this side of the website. i usually go to the Shack every day but don't always think to come over here to look for discussions too and then miss out :( any way to link the two?

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