1 Aug 2011

Our Worth in Christ

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Ever wondered what the Parable of the Lost Coin was REALLY talking about? Do you struggle with your worth, your value, your self esteem? Come join us as Adam and Jim tackle the reality of our value to God in this week’s audio entitled ‘Our Worth In Christ’.

ShovelAudio: Our Worth in Christ

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This was a very good one, Jim and Adam. Oh how I need to be reminded of my worth in Christ.
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Tim, I am so glad that our audio served as a reminder for you! :)


wow very ear-opening - justin :)
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Ear-opening ... I love it! :) Thanks Justin.


Jim, WOW!! thanks for being real and not allowing yourself to be identified in any other way but in Christ. So many times we can fake ourselves out by thinking that our value is based in our usefulness to God or the knowledge we possess or the success of our “ministry”! You are helping all of us to see that we should focus on Christ’s inestimable value and to see and love others not based on their worthiness according to the flesh but according to Christ. That takes us into the spiritual realm of faith that allows us to accept one another as Christ Ones and the spiritual fact that we are One and the same in Christ. It is Christ that has already united us into His Oneness and we are One with Him and with each other whether we live in the reality of it or not. This truth is God’s reality and the only reality that truly exists. As you pointed out many times we have been duped by our flesh into believing it has value. Ian Thomas in his book, The Saving Life of Christ pgs 86,87 says “He (Satan) wanted to have something, to do something and be something, apart from God,and it is this satanic ambition which the flesh seeks to perpetuate in you. The flesh is all that you become in seeking to have and to do and to be, apart from what Christ is–and God is at war from generation to generation with this satanic principle which makes you what you are, apart from what Christ is.” As always, it’s been a joy to fellowship around Christ with you, One in Him, Dan Markley
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