29 Jan 2013

Wake Up, Oh Sleeper! (Part 2)

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Adam continues his story about how sin-consciousness wedged its way into his life and disrupted his joy and peace in Christ.

ShovelAudio: Wake Up, Oh Sleeper! Part 2

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loved it !! Keep on Keeping on .. D

Hello Jim, I have followed your writings and such for at least 10 years. Sometime you are waaayyyyy too deep for me to understand, but I did totally “get” what you said in this spoonful. The legalism of church life finally drove me out of “the church building”. I had left a cult back in 1999, and ended up in a church which was really grace oriented, but the more I sat therein I would start hearing things that gave me the heebie-jeebies just like when I was in an actual pseudo Christian cult. Keep on preaching grace, even though I don’t “get you” at times! *:) happy Nancy

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Now, if any of you are hearing this with the spirit of condemnation hanging over your head, it’s only because you’re trying to hold on to two radically different propositions at the same time. It’s like trying to travel east and west simultaneously. But trying to do the one while believing we are still doing the other is the very thing that leaves us confused and paralyzed. You see, asking God to help you to remove your sin is built upon the assumption that Jesus Christ hasn’t already done it. source