19 Dec 2011

The Vine and the Branch

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In John 15, Jesus spoke to his disciples regarding the bond between them by likening it to that of a vine and its branches. While we may be familiar with the verses, I wonder if we have considered the intensity of this symbolic representation. Adam and I dig into it in this audio.

ShovelAudio: The Vine and the Branch

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Jim & Adam, I was reminded as I was listening to your audio in regards to appearances of living correctly from others viewpoint. We can never put our faith in how others feel or think about how we are walking in Christ. Just think about Christ. He never sinned or did anything that was not in accordance with His Father. However, no one believed that He was God or anything special until He started performing miracles and then the religious people wanted to attribute this to the Devil.The religious people did not like a lot of things that He did. In fact if He were walking around today as He did 2000 years ago the Christian Religion would still be calling Him of the Devil because He would not fit into their religious practices or outward behaviors. We don’t need to go out of our way to offend people who follow religion, it just comes as a result of Christ’s Life! Don’t let ourselves be deceived into thinking that religious practices and outward behaviors of our own or seeing it in others is proof of the Life of Christ. We just trust that Christ is doing in us and through us as He promised. As Steve McVey puts it, relying on the “trusting tree” which is the life of Christ. Most of us have remained and been taught to live by the “trying tree” of the knowledge of right and wrong. Thanks again for revealing the truth of Christ in us the hope of glory, Dan Markley

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