3 Jan 2012

Tongues of Fire

Submitted by theshovel
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This Shovel Audio comes from a request from a wonderful lady about praying in tongues. She now wonders how something that is supposed to bring rest and refreshment has instead produced weariness and some kind of bondage. This is the first of two audios.

ShovelAudio: Tongues of Fire

(Audio Series: Obedience)

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I believe the lower lin to download audio is missing. nergo
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You know, I sensed something was amiss, but I was in quite a hurry because my dinner was waiting for me. Thanks for catching me before I took off for work this morning so that I could add that link. :)


Hi Jim and Adam, thank you for this audio. It has helped confirm what I felt within me. I especially liked the bit that clarified that portion in Romans 8 about the groans. It just never made sense to me that the groans that cannot be uttered could be uttered as audible words! I feel loved more just knowing that every little thing that hurts me or is causing me heartache or stress is already dealt with through prayer by the Spirit of God and that I do not have to know how to do it or necessarily participate in it and it is on 24/7!!! This releases me from bondage!!! Now this is rest for my soul! I know His got my back no matter what. That just feels so cool. Its just like Him… A Father! Thank you so much. I look forward to the next audio.
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My dear Grace,

It is my delight to know of your growing sense of freedom in Christ. Thank you for making this request. Adam and I are looking forward to recording next week's audio.

Jim :)

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