25 Sep 2012

He Teaches Us Through Everything

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Hang onto your hats because we’re talking about the insane grace of God through Jesus Christ and how God teaches us through everything. And I mean absolutely everything! So let’s not be afraid anymore.

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God taught me through sin. It was not only my crippling fear of the unpardonable blaspheming of the Holy Spirit, but my inability to maintain pure thoughts (read: heterosexual thoughts) that slowly made me realize how the Law would never ever work for me. I was like the crippled man near the pool of water, who had no chance of making it to the angels. God taught me through doubt. In Christianity, you have to maintain blind “faith” believing in little Christian answers that didn’t make sense to me but to seemingly everybody else. Slowly, and with help of your site Jim, I realized I wasn’t in the world system anymore, that I was completely removed from it. One day it just occurred to me that if Christ had destroyed my “self” then that begged the truth that He was really in Me, that He became me, and I became Him. One with God. God taught me this. He teaches me all the time be it through my interactions with others, and through the confusing maze that is my mind. I am the fulfillment of what all the Christians try to be. I walk with God. - Justin
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Hello my dear friend and brother Justin!
Yes ... in Christ, we have been completely removed from the system of of the world. How could this not stir up all kinds of doubt as we have attempted to rationalize it? How could it not? And then we are taught to feel guilt and shame for those doubts that cannot be avoided!
I just love how you have taken hold of the reality of our oneness in God, my brother. big smile

Yes you do Justin.


Amazing. I realize now that every time the fleshly mind is confronted with life it must attempt to pervert it into a system. “What shall we say then?” Is a response of the fleshly mind for it cannot understand life since life lies outside of the paradigm of death of which the law is a fundamental characteristic.

Yep! Nicely put.

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Hello my friend Georgi! It's good to hear from you again.
The fleshly mind thinks it can reason according to the Spirit. Those of that mind won't claim that they know everything, but they assume they can understand at least some aspects. I suspect that's why many people study their Bibles, have spiritual discussions, go to church, or immerse themselves in some kind of religious philosophy. And that's why the collective mind of man will utter the same disbelief regarding every premise of the grace of Christ: What shall we say then?
Of course, we may not hear that exact phrase, for there are many expressions that end up meaning the same thing. We hear it in the voices of unbelief in the disciples who saw Jesus walking on the water, or the accusations of the scribes and Pharisees. We even hear it coming from our own mouths when we're confronted with a grace that strikes us as being impossible.
We don't need some kind of watered down grace that makes it easier to accept, we need to have the lies from the mind of death challenged with the life of God in Christ. The grace of Christ is not found within the realm of man's wisdom, it is found beyond, where the impossible lives.

Great word, Jim … Beautiful!

Thanks Jim.

I realised that before, when I was presented with the realisation of freedom, the old mindset would oftentimes attempt to sneak back in through questions such as 'So what do I do now?' or 'How then should I proceed from here?', but the questions are always biased towards reaffirming an obligation to, or a dependence upon a mindset of formulas that no longer has a claim upon me.



that was awesome, Georgi!  :)  I really enjoyed that and really related with it.  it is such a mental ensnarement that we all suffer from  at one time or another … or …. perhaps LOTs of times.  LOL  you put it wonderfully.  :)   thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!  :)

When you were talking about the graph I had this thought as the line went up and down I could see another line going straight through the other lines going up and down only this line never changed. And my thought was the straight line was who I really was and that line is Christ. You know what is funny is when this becomes a truth for us we will no longer see our selves as sinners but every one else will. We come to a place when we stop judging our selves and know Christ as our life and the world will then begin to say you could not possibly know Him you are nothing like Him. And that is because they really don’t believe that the grace of God would do such a thing. We like Him will only be know by those who know Him . Good stuff brothers and things for all of us to think about.
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Yes! Christ in us cuts across our bogus attempts to define ourselves by outward judgment! :) It is also so true that in ceasing that judgment of ourselves that there are others who will more than pick up the slack. The sinless grace in which we are found threatens the judgmental mind, and those who find confidence in the flesh will respond out of a sense of self-protection and preservation. We can do nothing for that except to testify to the only true life ... and then prepare ourselves for the eventual attacks.

thumbs upJim it is a good thing to bring out! Namely that our confusion[doubts] mostly can come from the temporal wisdom we have been taught to live in.[which we don't actually live in]

This loop then creates fleshly expectations, and then when those are not met…well WE feel anger, doubt, fears etc.


Hi, On the recording called “Outtakes” I only am hearing Adam talk & not Jim. Anyone else have this problem? Debi
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Hello Debi,

I didn't do any editing of that file, which means that I didn't change the stereo separation. Adam's voice is only on the right channel and mine on the left. You may need to check your speakers to ensure that both channels are working (check the input wires as well as the balance control on your speaker and your computer). Sherri had the same problem with an earlier audio that I forgot to tweak by blending some of each voice in the opposite channel because her left speaker had gotten unplugged by my grandson. That also explains why she kept telling me that Adam's voice was always louder than mine on some audios. I hope this helps.


Thanks Jim. Yes, my left ear bud is not working:) Debi

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