13 Mar 2012

The Son is Better in Every Way, Part 3

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Animal sacrifices?! Were the Hebrew believers stupid or something? I mean, we wouldn’t have fallen for something so obvious … would we? Then again, what if we have already buckled under through intimidation by seeking additional forgiveness for sins? If so, it makes no difference what we call it, does it? Join Adam and Jim as they continue revealing how Hebrews parallels the modern Christian scene in ways that may surprise you.

ShovelAudio: The Son is Better in Every Way, Part 3

(Audio Series: Hebrews)

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Fantastic. This podcast really spoke to my heart. Praise again for His Faithfulness through YOU. The Christ in Us has justified us therefore we do not need to look for man’s justification because that will never happen as long as man through law has to keep justifying himself. My experience has been whatever I am being accused of always comes from a law basis in the other person and they project on me what is the issue in their life. I think that is how we can discern and come along side and be a support in their time of need. I say their time of need because the Child of God has been to the very same place of need in his own life and as the ole saying goes “it takes one to know one”. All and always Only Him. Maybe this is crude but here may be a example. When a person is accused of believing sinless perfection has not a judgment already taken place through law by the one giving the accusation. Just a thought. Vivian
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Hello dear Vivian!

I am so encouraged by what you are getting out of these audios. :) And regarding those who accuse you or me of believing in sinless perfection, it should become obvious that the accusers are using themselves and their own supposed levels of goodness as standards of comparison. Our being made the righteousness of Christ doesn't give rise to a basis of fleshly comparisons by which we might judge one another. No, it totally removes us from such fleshly sin-conscious judgment. We rather judge this, that if anyone is in Christ, he or she is a new creation in HIM!

Jim :)

Yes, no more levels just a NEW creation..and a peculiar one[to this world[ indeed! Vivian it is SO good to hear from you! Love, Adam

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