6 Mar 2012

The Son is Better in Every Way, Part 2

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What does the letter of Hebrews have to do with how Jesus told his parables to those he knew couldn’t understand them? Why have both Hebrews and James become scrambled puzzles filled with supposed Christian principles? And is sinning willfully something like committing the unforgivable sin? Check it out, if you’d like to discover some real freedom and confidence rather than fear and insecurity from the letter of Hebrews! :)

ShovelAudio: The Son is Better in Every Way, Part 2

(Audio Series: Hebrews)

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Sidebar: Usage of “Better”

Download: The usage of Better

Sidebar: Shadows

Download: shadow-extended-discussion


Hey Guys I thought it was funny when Adam said something about Rocky because all the time I am listening to the audio I am thinking you guys remind me of a tag team. Thanks for being all you are in Christ and helping all of us win this race that is set before us. Thanks for helping all of us who never were any thing to begin with know that true life is only found in Christ. And through Him we truly can do all things. Thanks Guys.
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My dear friend Dave, you are so welcome! I can tell you that Adam and I are having a great time together as we record these audios, so we are really excited when others get something out of them.

Jim :)

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