23 Aug 2011

The Lord Directs our Steps

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Are you trying to follow God’s will but just can’t seem to get it right? Do you listen intently for His direction but are confused on what it is supposed to look and sound like? Do you wonder what the Scripture means when it says God speaks in a still, small voice? We will cover these questions and more in this week’s audio entitled “The Lord Directs Our Steps”

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“What shall we say then”? Why do we not see that this is ONLY the response of the dead thing that would stay justified in it’s ways and NEVER cross over to that of Christ? And why do we not see Paul’s answer to the question? YOU DIED. Your riteounsness is not on that basis any longer! Why are then taking the stance as if it was?

Luvin, Thank you for writing about this. This is an excellent reminder!!! Knowing that I’ve died and my life is hid in Christ has helped me a lot in the past!! Not too long ago I mentioned something about this during Sunday school. Although the teacher seemed to agree, it was as if what I had said fell on deaf ears. I figured it’s possible the people in this class know this so well, they didn’t have a reason to respond. Many years ago a pastor suggested that we give people the benefit of the doubt. If this subject comes up again, I might speak up and say, do you know how wonderful this is? Thanks again!!!

You are welcome Visitor! Love, Adam

This gave me goose bumps and chills it was so good. Thank you! Great encouragement from you brothers. Vivian

Vivian, We are so glad you are encouraged. We really are. Love, Adam
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Ditto to that! :)


Thanks again, men. Very timely. I just had a an experience of rejection that was painful. As I listened to this audio piece last night I was reminded that no matter how I might be rejected or not accepted by man, I am fully and completely accepted in Christ by the Father. Tim
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Tim, it is our joy to offer these audios to you! :)


I went to a job interview yesterday for a job that I didn’t want…even dreaded as a security guard working the midnight to 8a shift, etc…But I need the work, so I prayed and asked God to give me the grace to be positive and communicate well during the interview. To make a long story short, the interview turned out to be my worst all time interview ever. It could probably be written into a comedy monologue by Jay Leno….It was so bad I can’t yet laugh about it, but I have been thinking that God’s sense of humor must have been getting a big laugh….hopefully a positive one. It was so discombobulated that I might have forgot my own name if she had asked me for it…LOL…At some point the interviewer, just hurried up and finished the required questions. Anyway the whole thing seemed to be a comedy of errors and at least I walked away, pretty confident that I wouldn’t get the job that I really didn’t want….But thought God was leading me there for a job..LOL

While I'm sure the dynamics of God play the fundamental role in the direction in which we appear to move in the experience of our daily fleshly life, I am also far more certain that the reality of him moving us wherever the motions of his being would desire goes way beyond the outward and into the things which cannot be understood in the appearance.

Great word, Georgi. And then the appearances turn into lessons or ‘trial & error’ experiences until you finally “arrive” at a place where the appearances (the temporary/outward) turn into, “Been there, done that” and “I know what that is about and I am not doing that again.” What has helped me get through those bad temporary experiences is when I have a confident longer term outlook or desire that just does not go away. I turn quickly from living in the temporal and live for that desired future. I would go through a bad temporary experience but I could shake it off pretty quick because the longer term outlook is not shaken at all. Move on to Plan B. -cp

I heard a statement from a Christian friend and I would like a comment, Georgi (or, of course, Jim, Adam, Dan, or anyone please feel free to reply) A friend who has been a believer for at least 30 years (though I realize time might not mean anything) said the other day in Church, “After a believer comes to the end of his/her carnal life and asked Christ for forgiveness, then those who say they are in Christ will surely know he/she is near Christ because they will become more obedient to God’s Laws. But, they will not need to be coerced by others from what the Bible says to do, or feel compelled by a rule to obey God’s Laws. But the obedience is natural not a chore. It’s their delight to obey God’s Laws.” When I heard that I thought that would be a good place with Christ because although I know I am saved I wrestle against temptations, I am weak and I fail, and I can relate to Romans 7. But, on the other hand, in what my friend said I felt there was a separation between the believer and Christ. Do you think the evidence of being in Christ is being more naturally and spontaneously obedient to God’s Laws?


It's not about words at all. What is God, or Christ,  what is the Law, or what is natural? 

If you were to go to a dictionary or a book for a definition of any word, guess what you'll find? You guessed it, more words! You can't get more circular in reasoning than that! As one word does not interpret another so one flesh cannot explain another. Only the life that made them all knows them all. The same life in which we share. The definition of anything is us. 

A superstitious mind abides in those who know themselves according to outward-based imagination, whether they call themselves Christian or not; there is no difference. The perceptions blind them all as they rationalize the numerous inconsistencies they become aware of as even real life itself rejects their expectations. 'We are Christian',  or ' We obey God' or 'Christ said this..'. ​Behind all the verbiage stands the perception, which is either appearance-based or not. Whole isolated spheres of flesh-based mental interactions are made up. But at the same time these structures become the just condemnation of torment and bondage for those who would to live in them. After all, they work hard for it and so their due payment of intense anxiety and unspeakable fear is well deserved! They imagine that the reality of justice can somehow be broken, whether in the natural world or outside of it. Hence they speak of in-justice, as if they knew what justice is in the first place. Similarly, they speak of disobeying the Law, as if they knew what the Law is. Even in this their own imagination will bring the justice of ruin to them, and it does so daily!

The living reality of God is utterly disgusted with the mind of the appearance, the mind of those perceptions that imagine that hope and what is right lie somewhere in the behavior. It is in him that we also became the fundamental reality of justice in view of which the mind of the world is seen to be under the condemnation of finality. For us, there's no such thing as disobedience. The living evidence of being in the world of the life of Christ is the same unutterable disgust that we inherited and that we share with him towards the fleshly mind.  Those that  so readily speak of disobedience are condemned by their own mind's appearance-based perceptions of regulations.

I've been in situations such as the one you address. And all I've heard has been the attempt of some to preserve those their own failing perceptions. These people cannot properly assess and address behavior, daily life,  or anything for that matter, because they are not at all concerned with the real things, but only with their erroneous perceptions of them.

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Georgi...wow! I was truly uplifted and refreshed in reading what as well as how you have expressed these living realities. You are so right in speaking ow how the life in us shares together with God in his revulsion off the fleshly mind .... that mind. which is so valued in the world. So many in the church coddle and pamper that vile mind.


Georgi, your written words “SPEAK” to my soul in unutterable ways! I have been seriously blessed today by most everything you've shared!

Thanks you, Jim and Justin thumbs up

'But, on the other hand, in what my friend said I felt there was a separation between the believer and Christ.'

I don't think it's that kinds of separation that he is describing since apart from wording he is not at all speaking of a believer or of Christ. The foul stench of corruption comes rather from a mind of death dealing intentions that is itself being separate from true life. It is at best a description of one's own awareness of transgression.

'..because they will become more obedient to God's Laws. But, they will not need to be coerced by others from what the Bible says to do, or feel compelled by a rule to obey God's Laws. But the obedience is natural not a chore. It's their delight to obey God's Laws.'

Obedience can only be graded within the mind of error. The motions of our obedience cannot be measured or uttered, because they are the life of God. While being sure to add the verbiage about the un-necessary coercion, these competent people nevertheless attempt to impart a guilt-ridden and fear-full mind as they play out its self-righteous schemes. More than anyone else, they deceive themselves. I have done it also through the same pattern of speech, seeking to bind others to my guilt.

“The only reason you still hang with him is because you could not do otherwise.”


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