3 Jan 2014

The Full Armor of God

Submitted by theshovel
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Why does putting on the full armor of God seem to be such a chore … or as being ineffective when we need it the most?

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Thought provoking audio as usual…..been caught up with the phrase “having no confidence in the flesh”, and it has gotten me to thinking about just what that means.  Seems in the context that Paul is referring to those who live by the strict rule of LAW and impose their rules on everyone as well, and that we are not of that ilk… Christ being our Life now and we are no longer of those who trust in their law keeping (flesh) for their confidence, That I believe is the context, but I was thinking how that confidence in the flesh plays out in my life quite often, not so much in law keeping, but maybe this is tied to that as well.  So often this is the way my thinking goes usually when I am getting ready to go to bed at night or as I am laying in bed before sleep (seems that must be when I am most vulnerable, or quiet enough to be aware of these thoughts), but that” this was sure a wasted day, not at all what I expected  and not a good use of time”…..etc.

Well, the other evening when I was entertaining these thoughts, Father just seemed to interrupt me and ask…”so what did you expect this day to bring?”.  Quite an interesting question since I had no answer for it…I didn't know what I expected it to be just that it wasn't….isn't that interesting???  Can it be that the “confidence in the flesh” may be total dissatisfaction with what is, expecting it to be something else..The day is exactly as it should have been and no matter what it looks like to my eyes and feelings, it is exactly as the psalmist wrote :”This is the day that the LORD has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  This is where my confidence is…

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you all…just a tad of the many thoughts I had while listening…

I also really liked Adam's insight into the garden and the phrase “who told you you were naked”  never thought of that, and I liked the encouraging idea that being creative and working with your hands or mind creating something, is a wonderful thing to do since it our Father who delights in that creativity that He put within us and in seeing the joy we have in the results of that.  Again, many times I have stopped myself from doing something that I enjoy for many bogus reasons, not realizing that my Father delights in giving me time and ability to create that which He has given me the desire to do…Well, as I said, lots of food for thought in that audio and I know Father is not done yet…Thanks, guys


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I so love hearing how you were stimulated to these insights. Yes, I can’t tell you how many times the accusation has come to me regarding a wasted day. The expectations of our former reasoning have everything to do with that fleshly confidence … a reasoning that is no longer ours, even though we may be prompted to hold to it. At one time, those expectations gave us a sense of something to stand on, but now we can’t help but feel the sinking sand it’s all made of.

Jim :)

Thanks for sharing this Char and for putting it out there. I do think your questions reveal much here and I also think He is giving you insight in this too from what I read.


Damn, this was quite good. I love it when you don't have any notes and just talk about stuff.

Really appreciated this talk. It is just such an encouragement to hear people talking about things, I know in my heart to be true, but don't know how to put it into words. I like the new website. Much easier to maneuver. Looking forward to the next talk.

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I really appreciate hearing from you, Miriam. It means a lot to know what it meant to you. :)


Hi Miriam,

Nice to hear from you sister. Thanks for your expressions of readiness and appreciation. 




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