5 Nov 2012

The Coming Wrath

Submitted by theshovel
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Themes of wrath and judgment abound in the Bible — there is no denying that — yet rather than allowing the overwhelming judgment of Jesus Christ on the cross to alter our views, many Christians seem determined to stand firm in pounding fellow believers and unbelievers on the head with that Jesus-is-going-to-get-you mentality. When will we let the grace of God through Christ Jesus change how we see everything?

ShovelAudio: The Coming Wrath

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Hello Jim and Adam,(a dynamic duo) I was introduced to “the shovel” some months ago, and I heard the words of life. Know that you both are appreciated, as I thank father for his use of you Your Sharing has brought encouragement, confirmation, reality, clarity, etc. to me, (you’ve been reading my mail). I hear the passion of your hearts for Christ, and for us out here. Receive our love in return. More later, for now I’m just absorbing. Julie
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Hello, and thank you, my dear Julie!

It is so encouraging to hear from you and to know that our audios are making such a positive witness to your heart. I look forward to hearing from you again.


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