22 Oct 2012

Sowing and Reaping

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Sowing and Reaping, a very hot topic in the minds of many grace folks! This week’s ShovelAudio was recorded face to face in Colorado this past Thursday while I was visiting Adam on a short solo vacation. Much thanks to my precious wife, Sherri, for having suggested the idea after our previous vacation plans fell through … especially as I would be going off without her.

ShovelAudio: Sowing and Reaping

ShovelAudio Download Link

While we recorded this audio in Colorado, I had also set up my video camera and caught about 2/3rds of the program. If you would like to watch the ShovelVideo file, check it out on YouTube! I’ve also uploaded it to another website called GodTube. That’s right, you can see Adam and myself in living color. LOL!



Hey guys Simple stuff that is simply really good. Isn’t that how Christ is suppose to be? Simple answer Yes. Thanks the both of you I do believe you are on a roll.

Dave, We get so confused by all the fleshly perpetuated lies about this grace of God and it is so simple. It just isn’t agreed with nor is it even understood by anything we have ever known in the world. Thanks for your love and support brother, Adam

Would love to see a Shovel-video section one day :>

Hello Visitor! Believe me, we would LOVE that too. Adam
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Yes, I've been thinking of a way to enable a ShovelVideo recording over Skype. I'll be looking into it. :)


The 2012 audios are missing.

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Thanks for the heads-up Nergo. I now remember the problems that thwarted my full upload of many of the 2012 audios … overcrowding on the alternate server. These things take up a LOT of space wherever I put them. I will, however, be able to upload them on my new shovel site server because I’ve currently got about 25Gbs to spare. Look for them after tomorrow some time. :)


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Okay my dear Nergo, the 2012 audios have been uploaded to the new server and should all be available through the links and audio player. Please let me know if you find any more problems. I still have to upload and reconnect the rest of the audios, but at least they seem to be all available on the other server.


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