25 Feb 2014

Sin-free 3: The Deliverance of God

Submitted by theshovel
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What it is like to be delivered in the midst of our walking through this world?

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Killer audio guys!!! :) :) :)

Luvin - the SAME thing happened to me that happened to you - this past week. This lady came in to pick someone else up from the home I'm living in, and she was all "JESUS JESUS JESUS" to everyone, judging everyone for being lazy (even though it was close to 10:00pm when we all go to sleep) and when she saw me, she accused me of "being severly depressed" and that only JEESSUSS can take that away, and then asking me what church do I attend.
Now, I had a good day that day; I was really happy until the woman came and started judging everyone else, and I felt reminded of my Christian years and it made me a bit sad. But she totally accused me of #1 Being Depressed #2 Not being of God.

People's perceptions of me have always been false, or guesswork at best, I learned from a very young age.

Anyways, this was a great audio - Keep em coming!!!!!!!!

The list of demands, standards, and rules certainly does go on, and on.  One that could be added to the list is TRADITIONS.  (or this may be just another name for the the things brought out in the audio).  It is mind blowing to ponder how many bondages we can be under not even realizing or questioning them because our introduction to them from childhood was that they were what living life was all about, that they were there to bring meaning, purpose, and joy to your life, etc.  Or many of us didn't even think that far, we just went along with all the ways a certain day or event is supposed to be celebrated……but according to who?  It was when I started asking myself that question as well as others like, Why am I doing this? that I found the freedom you're talking about.  (at least in this area, although I can't help but believe it opened the door to questioning other areas)

I discovered this years ago and to me it speaks of a great difference and significance.  In 1Pet 1:4 he talks about the “inheritance” that is ours in Christ, and indeed is Christ himself.  In verse 18, the NASB version says He came to redeem us from our futile way of life  “inherited” from our forefathers.  The word “inheritance”used in verse 4 is a word used of becoming an heir to an inheritance.  The word used in verse 18 is a different word meaning something handed down in the human realm, delivered from (your forefathers) as a tradition.

Verse 18 may be dealing mainly with the religious and law traditions handed down, but as the audio pointed out, our freedom in Christ encompasses all bondages.  I came to write this in my Bible, “Perhaps the greatest bondage in tradition, is our substituting it for Christ's Life”.  I've been politely called a non-conformist, but for me the problem with traditions is that they are fashioned by the mind of man.

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Julie, thanks for bringing this out so clearly! Many of the things that convinced the religious leaders that Jesus was a law-breaker were the very traditions you refer to, and he cornered them regarding some of those traditions. Like you say, it seems that most of the rules and standards that are put out today are little more than the same kind of traditions that came down from our religious forefathers.

I was thinking about some of the man made traditions imposed upon us by the world, the things that man has created for whatever reason it was made up….I thought,” yeah they are man made but they can be fun…”, but when I thought more about it, that fun (and it is really the “are we having fun yet” type) is just surface stuff to try and make us feel better about conforming to the rules and laws it puts us under.  Underneath is still the pressure to conform to what man has set up as 'fun', because to do otherwise would be to be thought of as a “stick in the mud non-conformist”, and we couldn't have that, could we?!  Thank God, He has freed us from all the “have to's” and bondage the world puts on us from the time we first drew breath on this earth.  He has opened our eyes to see what is truly at work so often, bondage, disguised as something else.

Very perceptive Char.  Pointing out the subtlety and deceptiveness  of “having fun” really opens up more to add on to the long list doesn't it?  


Waiting patiently.......sort of....for the next audio.....guess I'll settle for a rerun today.

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Well, as I am working today, we won’t be getting one out yet. However, I’m off next Sunday. Thanks for popping in with what is an encouragement to us because we know people are looking forward to the audios. :)

I finally came around to listening to this audio after so long(palm face)
and Oh what a great listen in it was...it always is...the traditions of the world,the rules,the standards,Lord!!I wish I could have listened to it earlier..considering that of late I have had this incredible pressure on me to "perform" so to say..to reach a standard that Iam expected to be at....The sitcom analogy was soo spot on and made me think of sometimes both the pressure to "act" so to say for the benefit of the crowd and also on the other hand to feel the need to present a chuckle( "react" )the way I should/supposed to in many circumstances,if i make any sense ...all in all this was definitely the audio for me and Iam sure i will go back to it again and again..as with the rest anyway...
*** I hate mornings soo bad so that sharing struck a cord too :)
Thanks guys...God bless you!!

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Such an encouraging report to read this morning, my dear Praise! I look forward to seeing you again next year. :)


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