28 Jan 2014


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If Christ is in you, though the body is dead because of sin, yet the spirit is alive because of righteousness –Romans 8:10. What does being housed in a “body of sin” mean for how we live our lives as Christians?

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another awesome audio! thanks guys, this was perfect timing I was fiending for some more shovelaudio!

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Fiending for it, were you? LOL! Well, I am glad we were able to take care of that for you!! :)

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This comment comes from Praise N.

Hi Jim
thank you and Adam for that very very beautiful sharing..I don’t knoiw..I don’t know how many times I have listened to it..Thank you ..God bless you guys/….
I think this was entirely done for me….God bless you again..Greetings to Sherry and Adam

This is from Mark A.

the last statements of the free from sin audi were riveting…quote,”this deliverence is much greater than doing or not doing”….continue expanding on this sanctification thing

Excellent feedback!!



The audio is excellent, it brings out some key points of the reality of all that is involved in the daily living of the Life of Christ.  We know that religious flesh functioning in religious “Christianity” plays such havoc, and can miss that we who know Christ as Life have the same flesh (body) with indwelling sin.  The body is dead (in utter weakness) and though we are new creations it has no power to implement it's righteousness, for all is of Christ. That' why we '”partake” of His Divine nature,  His life in me is one of my total dependence on Him for “everything.”  Neither is there power in what “I know to be true”,  His is the only power in me….and that power keeps us in a perpetual state of deliverance.  (is that what 1Cor1:18 is also alluding to?)  Years ago somebody expressed it this way, “we have been saved, we are being saved, and we will be saved.) 

I see the deliverance as two fold;  as always reminding us who we are in Christ and that deliverance was once and for all done at the cross, thus no condemnation,  and His ongoing work in us to show us the falseness of all the fleshly mind seeks to convince us of, and keep us in bondage to……not to have us work on it…… but to realize and embrace our need of total dependence on Him, for all our needs, and indeed for all of life.  

What a wonderful thing was said on the audio that the very presence of our deliverer within won't allow those grave clothes to lay claim to our heart.  YES!!!!!
And so He brings us to trust Him and oh to so love Him….which is a deliverance in itself.  

You're talking about some of the bondages  the flesh seeks to keep us in,  such as depending on it to meet our needs, was also very insightful as we can be blindsighted as to what is really going on….but again we can trust Father to not leave us there.

  There was so much more I could comment on that I've been pondering all week but will have this be all, at least for now.  I leave you with a verse I've always loved which I think speaks to Him being the deliver.  1Pet5:10…….the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will HIMSELF perfect, confirm, strengthen, and establish you………… Julie

I'm confused about how you are defining "the body of sin". What I think I hear you saying is that Paul was referring to our physical body when talking about "the body of sin"...that our physical flesh is corrupt and will someday experience physical death. In the meantime our new nature inhabits this old body of sin or clay pot. Do I understand or no.....

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The body of sin is the empty container of the flesh, which is what men own as their identity. It is rooted in the perception of the natural mind, even in that of the religious mind. As an empty container, try as we may according to the strength found within it, the body is failing and its end is certain. For us though, that same fleshly container is filled with the expression of God’s life that comes from within.

The idea that it's the Lord's responsibility to make us more and more like him is such astonishing good news that I couldn't help but share it with family and friends. Thank you for posting this life-giving audio.

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Hello Joy Lurking! You are so welcome, and thanks for warming my heart with this post. :)


Hi Cris.  Sorry my post was confusing you, I read it over to see how my wording might have done that.  I was not meaning that our actual physical flesh structure (just the carcass we live in as Jim put it), was corrupt.    Let me simply thank Jim for posting His way of saying so clearly what I was meaning.    

It's a good audio isn”t it, and has us all thinking which is always good.  I for one would like more to follow……….Julie

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Hello Julie! I’m not so sure it was your excellent post that confused Cris. :)


Jim, I think you're right, and I realized that later. Let me share what I came to see God was working in my life, because He always so amazes and thrills me no matter what the circumstance starts out to be,  He shows himself working within it.

Because Cris's post appeared right after mine I assumed it was a reply to mine, and my first reaction was that of discomfort at having been questioned and all that goes with that.  Later when I went back to answer it, I saw that you had posted and I was so glad you did it, so I could now refer to it.  Later when I checked to see if there were any other posts, I easily and clearly saw that it wasn't addressed to me but was in reference to the audio.  Then I thought, why was that so clear to me this time and wasn't the first time?  As I waited on Father, I came to realize that the mindset of the flesh I used to listen to had sought to interpret the post according to who I was……not who I am now, and I read the post on that emotional basis.  

I share Joy Lurking's joy over our Father making Himself responsible for us and would like to climb the rooftops to shout it too.  What a great joy it was to see that I through no effort of my own, was free from all that enslaved me, and my joy continually grows greater as It is proved over and over again that He makes himself responsible to maintain that which He has accomplished, and I can depend on that……..Julie



Computer (hardware)= physical body
Birthed with an (operating system)death - you are of your father the devil
Born in blindness, darkness, separated from God, couldn't help myself. But
in my blindness - I went to church, memorized bible verses,thought
I could please God because I walked the aisle, didn't do the nasty five or
dirty dozen so called. None of that mattered as I was still in death. The operating
system was wrong and I could do nothing about the operating system that was
housed in my body, container. The software developed through the years which I called pleasing to God because I lived the system taught to me and living my right choices (according to me) was pleasing to God. I was a Pharisee like Paul living all law and PROUD. I could do no other because I was born with a wrong operating system which allowed me to live the software developed by Satan. He made me look and feel right so he could keep me in darkness himself being an angel of light. The real LIGHT struck (body-container stayed the same) but destroyed the internal operating system (flesh). Satan's operating system and my software developed through his lies and illusion was smashed and can never operate again because I was GIVEN God's operating system with HIS software (Nicodemus was told to be born again=New operating system).Nicodemus had to go to death for the new to operate. I look the same, and you will see the body(computer hardware)the same. But the internal operating system is Spirit, New Creation. When an operating system will no longer support my software believe me the hardware does nothing until I get a new operating system. Usually you will get a new computer (hardware) because all the programs (software) you have won't work as they should. I see flesh as Satan's operating system. Satan wants you to think you can add God's software to Satan's operating system. Remember by your choices you can be as God if you only choose right as told to Eve.In other words you use Satan's operating system and you can create your own software. It will look right and feel right. When Christ in me=LIFE destroyed my old (Satan's) operating system of death that LIFE (new operating system)became me with all new software. God completely knew Satan's operating system and how Satan's designed software would keep us in illusion and lies (flesh=death) because of our blindness. But for us God is the operating system (our New Creation=LIFE). I now have ALL NEW software that will only work with the new operating system GIVEN to me. My container(body)is going to the grave but for now is housing a new operating system and loves the new internal software. This new software seamlessly works with the operating system. You know working as ONE. Well, this is way too long but thought most every one knows somewhat how computers or robots work. You might giggle (shake) the software but that operating system won't budge. Jim your few words struck my heart and out came this word picture. Please correct or change the picture where there may be error because I am sure you know more fully about computers than I do.

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Vivian, I really love this! Thanks so much for putting it out there. :)


Maybe my parable of computers is like the multitudes. Most think it is too far out there, others are still scratching their heads, some think they see something but may wait for a better answer so they can decide if they agree. Then some see it and can't get it across to anyone. You all have a great day!

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Don’t take any lack of comments to heart, Vivian, because your post wasn’t even made public until I got home and approved it. :)


This last audio certainly has set allot of questions in motion. Maybe we will need to do a follow up for the Facebook questions and home page comments we are getting.

Thanks for all the questions and comments all!



Believing that Jesus died for me is the only way I've found any kind of freedom. How or when I came to believe that I do not know.

You know Chris, most of the people I know who have the life of Christ within because of God bringing them to belief in Himself and what he accomplished on the cross for them, never knew when God did that work in them.  Myself included.  Thank God I don't have to know, and I think those who can't pinpoint a date are, dare I say, better for it because we don't look to something we did or said that caused our salvation, but know that it was accomplished totally apart from us and was totally God's doing.

Yeah Chris, it's not always that obvious. I mean we like to try to fit that reality into the Romans 10 quote: “  if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved” but, it doesn't always follow that exact protocol as we read it.

I mean something spiritual happened to us at one point. I can remember having moments of great clarity as to my new hearts witness of those things concerning Christ and His saving work. But I also remember desperately trying to analyze myself for the exact fitting words and “beliefs” so as to be “sure” I was saved. Of course I would have never been questioning it had I not been taught that there was something wrong with me for having those former desires aroused through focusing on my performances for God.

I love your parable of comparing the old and new to operating systems, Vivian!!!  Most of us are familiar with computers and can understand the wonderful analogy.  I think this would be a great way to explain the old and the new to someone who may not get or understand a biblical explanation of what Christ has done for us and in us, but who may understand the workings of a computer, ie.hardware, software, old operating systems, the new crashing the old and becoming reality…I think of my young grandson who may be able to connect with this picture more than any other.  Thanks for the great analogy!!

Thank you Char. I only put this out there trusting this might be profitable to someone. One thing is clear you can't merge and make one operating system work with another. If I want Windows 7 or 8 then my XP has to go however I am hanging on to it as long as I can until I am forced into a change. Gotta run to make a meeting. Have a great day!

Char45 yours words are so encouraging. Yes know salvation(Life) was accomplished totally apart from us and was totally God's doing. Luvin I love your quote that we would not even be questioning unless someone taught us to look at performance. Can't even check performance unless you come in with law in some way or other. I am so grateful God deals with the heart which is known only to HIM.

The two audios Sin Free Part 1 & 2 were very encouraging and very much needed. Thank you for sharing with us what's in your heart. I pray that many come to know their true freedom in Christ Jesus through your wilful dedication and earnest striving in proclaiming Christ and Him crucified. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your messages, Jim & Adam. Stay encouraged my friends. Aaron

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Thank you, Aaron, my dear friend! :)


Thanks so much Aaron!



The two audios Sin Free Part 1 & 2 were very encouraging and very much needed. Thank you for sharing with us what's in your heart. I pray that many come to know their true freedom in Christ Jesus through your wilful dedication and earnest striving in proclaiming Christ and Him crucified. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your messages, Jim & Adam. Stay encouraged my friends. Aaron

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