9 Aug 2011

Sin Erased (the height and depth of God)

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Do you hear the term ‘forgiven’, ‘saved by grace’ or even ‘cleansed by the blood’ and wonder what it really has to do with us who are His? Are we still under the guidance and control of the law? Come check out this week’s audio, Sin Erased, and you will hear about this and more!

ShovelAudio: Sin Erased (the height and depth of God)

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Jim and Adam, I had a problem in trying to open and listen to this latest audio. Has anyone else? Tim
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Yes, hopefully it will work for you now. The error came in after I re-uploaded a corrected audio file without first having deleted the earlier one. This caused the new file to become renamed, and the link I added no longer pointed to anything. Duh! LOL


Thanks, Jim. I’ll give it a try. Tim

Hi Tim, Yes actually you are not the only one. Jim actually fixed this yesterday so it should now download without a problem. If it doesn’t please let us know. Adam

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there is no advice in this world – even if it comes from a Bible verse or a preacher’s sermon – that can produce God’s work within you. Oh, it might make you appear more spiritually productive, but the working of God doesn’t come from the practical side of the grave … but from the living side that has risen past it. When I tell you that Christ is your life, I’m telling you about the one and only present-tense reality that causes you to live as one who is truly alive in this world. source