27 May 2013

Settled With the Life Within Us

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Perhaps most of our difficulties come from the fact that we are not quite settled with the life that is within us. I wonder how much of the conflict we experience in this world comes from the same thing. Join us!

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New Testament: 


“My friends, it is through this same kind of disappointment that we become settled with the life that is within us, for that life is Christ….”
Is that the same as John The Baptist saying, “….he must increase and I must decrease…….”
One of these days I'm going ot wake up and realize that my dissappointment points to alot of reasons to be glad in Christ……but I'm not there yet.

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Hello my friend Cris,

That’s the nature of disappointment, for we always seem to feel as if we’re not there yet. But we are. For we have been there the whole time. Don’t let the outward tell you what is true in your inner man. Although we share in many of the same feelings as with John the Baptist, he was speaking from outside of Christ. We have already been brought inside. :)


Jim, If Drupal provides automatic scripting of your audios this would be great to continue to provide to listeners. I, for one, have found it necessary to take notes on many of your audios. If the script is provided this would help save time from starting & stopping the audio in order to take notes. So if Drupal automatically does this scripting I hope you continue to include with each audio or provide a link to the script. If not, I will continue to take notes.
- nergo

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No, those are my own notes. Some of those notes aren’t in the audio and some of the audios are not in the notes. YouTube has a scripting service, and it can be pretty funny to see the results.


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I forgot to mention that I will continue to include the audio notes whenever I have them. I still have more of the older notes to input.

Nergo……. I just finished reading the script,and was looking for the place where I could comment about it when I found your comment and saw that you said everything I was going to say.  But if having the script isn't always feasible, that's okay too, I'll take the shovel audios anyway I can get them, which is what you reflected also.  I'm sure you appreciate as much as I do all the heart and time and work Jim puts into the website.  (Not to leave out Adam). 


'the natural mind of man values those who are strong, those who do what it takes to get the job done, those who are self-made, those who stand up to their fears and overcome them, those who achieve their goals, those who aren't wimps!'

I am continually caught up in this facade as I bypass the truly precious and unseen things that define some people whose appearance doesn't do them justice. The rest of humanity worships flesh

JIM: So much of what we are contending with in this temporary life on earth has to do with being “settled with the life within us”. That includes our misperceptions and experiences of being led away from the reality that holds us.

JIM: For us now, the rejoicing has nothing to do with putting on a happy face or pretending all is well; it has to do with being settled in the reality that our life in Christ is being shown for what it truly is in the face of the world’s rejection of it. Some of us are looking for that to happen, but I’m telling you that it’s happening every day. If we would just reflect on what’s really going on within us as that life clashes with the world in which we live, we would see the sharp contrasts between light and darkness.

About the time of this audio, father had already been impressing upon me that he would be bringing me to being "settled" in seeing "ALL" of Life from the perspective of "ALL" of the old being gone and "ALL" things being new. From the perspective of my fleshly reasoning, this is an impossibility, but then we know what God says about that. As you said Jim, it is happening every day, and he is bringing me to reflect on what is really going on in me as my days present many supposedly insignificant events. It's been very eye-opening as I've been seeing how much of the old I keep trying to fit into the new, many times without even realizing it.....such as relying on what I had learned about what life was in the old, and trying to make it blend with the new. This was brought home dramatically to me recently as my iPad which I had labored to learn, and finally was comfortable with knowing how to navigate, suddenly was updated with dramatic changes, and I was surprised how it threw me into a tizzy, but mostly the sudden fear I experienced. I was so upset to the point that I made a phone call to see if I could get it back to the "OLD" program. (of course I couldn't...point made, the OLD is not an option in the NEW) Now for you computer whizzes out there this may seem silly but father is faithful to give us the eyes to see behind what the obvious issue is (who likes change?), to what he wants us to really see.

Did any of you read the account of Israel in the wilderness wanting to go back to the leaks and garlic of Egypt, totally not considering that they were slaves there, and think, what was wrong with them, how stupid. I did, but now I see it as not accepting and being settled in this new way of life that God had brought them to, it became easy for the old to call them back, and blind their minds to the slavery that the old always is. This again takes me back to the loving care and faithfulness of our father who uses every moment of this Life of His we are sharing with Him here, to bring us to the freeing reality of ALL being new. That's why I'm being convinced that not only is my being born again a new creation a miracle, but that the life I live as this new creation in him is truly a miraculous Life.

See yourselves as the miracle God has made you, and the Life you're living as miraculous no matter what the appearance............Julie

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My dear Julie, I so appreciate what you have testified of here! I love your examples, and they triggered some thoughts.

I remember having wondered how Israel could have been so ignorant when they almost immediately complained about not having the food of Egypt anymore. In my earlier days, I wrote it off as being something akin to primitive ignorance … you know, the assumption that people in ancient times were not as smart as we are today. Yeah, right! I sure don’t think that anymore. My own insecurities put me on a course in life where I found it safer to not stick my neck out, but rather to observe others who did. As an observer, I slowly (and I mean, very slowly) learned how people do the same kind of things they think stupid in others. And yes, that also slowly began to reflect back upon myself. I suppose that helped get past my former assumptions about the children of Israel in the wilderness, for I began to see myself complaining about the same kind of things they did. And it didn’t make any difference how illogical any of it was. I never truly understood any of it except through the new eyes of Christ.

The insight you expressed through the changes in your iPad is excellent. Give us back the old, we don’t want the new … yes, how many times have said that? Yes, our father is faithful in leaving us to feel the displacement. :)


Indeed, GREAT post Julie.



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